After 8 plus years of Republicans in Congress wishing and wanting to repeal the Affordable Care Act because it was not their idea and besides, they wanted huge tax breaks for the wealthy  on the backs of this nations poor, are apparently on the verge of getting their wish.

I was crazy to think that the millions that were spent on implementing this act would some how save it but, I was stupid. I forget that Congress is like a quote from the movie Forrest Grump; “stupid is as stupid does.” Nothing that Washington does is for the betterment of the citizens or this country. “Make America Great” is the biggest load of crap that has ever been served up to the people of the USA. This is not and never will be about making this country great. Its all about getting “your people” in power to rape and plunder this country to grow their own wealth and continue to get reelected year after year. If you think that this current administration of idiots and billionaires are going to make your life better, than you are just as crazy as they are. But, keep believing all the lies and false news coming out of Congress, the administration, and Fox News and let me know when your personal life has improved.

I know that all Republicans believe in “trickle down economics” and the millionaires and billionaires that you keep providing tax breaks for are laughing their way to the bank every time  Congress and the President enact a bill that makes them richer or provides more tax breaks. The middle class is shrinking due to this form of economics and it is not the “upper class” that is swallowing them up. But, you voted for someone to look out for you that does not care a crap for you. He would rather going golfing every weekend in Florida at a national cost of  $ 10 million each and every week. But keep the faith because it is all about winning and absolutely nothing about making you or me great again.

But, let’s see all the things that this great narcissistic talking head  has achieved in the short time that he has declared himself, :the one and only.”

a wall on out Mexican border…not built…not paid for by Mexico, …cost could easily run over $ 25 Billion. If a company owned by Trump builds it… it could easily triple in price.

has jumped in bed with the Russians to open up the Arctic to oil exploration and accumulate more wealth for himself.

attacked the news media (except those that are far right) just like most dictators and a former disgraced President.

uses smoke and mirrors and slight of hand to keep everyone off balance and guessing.

But, take heart all you lonely people, because you have created a god made of gold to worship above all else, and he looked down on those that worshipped him and smiled because he thought that he was the one and only true prophet, because he was all-knowing and never makes a mistake.