I am back because our beloved country is under direct attack from within. A person who lives in his own reality has taken over the leadership of this country and his continual lies have replaced the facts. He complains of so called “fake news” that is supposedly being put out by the media, whom he has labeled as the enemy of the people. When, in fact, it is him and his minions that lie and exaggerate and “explain” about anyone or anything that is the truth.

His narcissistic, grandiose  personality just makes it worse. In his eyes, he is the best in everything he does and he needs that constant affirmation from others to boaster his ego. Why else does he need to hold political rallies after he is already elected other than for affirmation. His whole life has been one in which he has made himself to be the center of attention and his entire family supports his inflated ego. He is a compulsive liar and uses falsehood  and made-up reality to inflate that ego.

Just a few examples… his inauguration crowd could not be smaller than Obama’s so he inflated the numbers and claimed that the media somehow doctored the pictures of the crowd taken from the top of the Washington Monument. Throughout his campaign, every time that he has misspoke about something, his minions have stepped forward on television to tell the American people what he “really” meant. As if, to cover-up his mistakes. He inflates the number of votes that he got, the margins of victories, and claims that there was wide spread voter fraud with no proof. If there was any voter fraud, perhaps it was on his side, since he was the victor..

It is a concerted effort to cloud the public with smoke and mirrors. To boaster his claim of issues with illegal terrorists coming into this country, he claimed yesterday that something happened in Sweden the day before. The only thing that happened was the sun came up that morning after. There was no terrorist attacks or “massacres” occurring like his minions continue to report. Put aside your political beliefs, quit watching Fox news exclusively, and start thinking critically about what is being said. Do not take for gospel what the talking heads are saying on TV or on far right-wing radio as the truth. Get both sides of the story and than make an informed decision on what is true and what is not.

Also, why is it, that, only the far right threaten their opposition on the left with threats of violence, when we chose to not agree with them. We on the left or in the middle do not make threats of violence, but this administration’s foundation is based on fear and intimidation. They claim that they are strong believers in the Constitution, but only when it applies to them. They want to take away people’s right to choose, but God forbid you take mine. Example, abortion and the resulting loss of life of innocent babies is wrong, but do not touch my right to my Second Amendment rights that allow nut-jobs and fanatics to go around killing hundreds of men, women, and children. Oh, that is right, you do not believe that anyone died at Sandy Hook Elementary and it was a plot by the left to stop the sale of assault type weapons.

So, if you like what you read here, stay tuned for more. Like my father always said, your word is your bond, the truth will set you free, and a liar is hiding more than just the truth.