I am sure that many of you out there are just as sick of listening to the different news sources as I am.  The problem is not that it is not the news as much as it is a theatrical performance of talking heads that spew out this continued rhetoric of gloom and doom with punctuation remarks about what separates us and continues to divide us.

We were a strong and proud nation at one time, but we have allowed our country to be torn apart by the very people supposedly elected to look out for our best interests.   The only interests involved in today’s society is all about the individual and how can I make more money, so that I can continue to buy cheap, but inferior products from foreign countries.  We as a nation have been sold down the river by our politicians and we have become a nation divided.

You turn on the television or read the newspaper, or even hear it from your own siblings.  If you do not agree with me, than you are wrong, stupid, and you are the enemy.  There are many issues and beliefs that divide us and the politicians in the states and in Congress continue to point these differences out and the hate-filled dialogue that goes with it serves no purpose, but to keep the flames of hatred fanned.

So, instead of focusing on what can we do collectively to unite and improve this country, it is all about presenting and strengthening my own personal agenda.   We hear that the middle class is disappearing and we have become a nation that cares more about me, rather than the “other” guy.  In the past, people looked out for each other and I remember that while I had one set of biological parents; I also had 15 other sets of parents looking out for me and every other kid in the neighborhood when I was growing up.

So, you need to stop and rather than dwell on those issues that divide us as a nation, we should be receptive about our differences and try to work to get past them.  If we do not demand a change in our way of thinking and agree to work together, we will remain divided and we will follow the course of every country that put their personal wants in front of the collective needs of the country.

The history books are full of examples.  The famous Roman Empire at one time covered most of the known world as they knew it, at that time.  But while its collapse occurred over the course of time, many experts will tell you that the main reason for its downfall was the disintegration of political, economic, military, and other social institutions.  Sounds pretty similar to what we are seeing today.