Now I realize that we all have things that we experience, or hear about, or read in our local paper, or are told about by friends and neighbors that raise our ire or make us go absolutely nuclear. What I am referring to is the difference in people and how they go about their lives. Their acts are not meant to invoke such hostile reactions and most of them do it with not a brain cell in their head. So, the following are my top 10 pet peeves that I witness on a far too much frequency, in no particular level.

  1. People, who walk their dogs or worse yet, let them run free in the neighborhood; who then let these same dogs crap all over my yard. First, there is a leach law in my town, and secondly, why have you not heard of a doggie bag? Even on the walking paths, you come across a pile of crap in the middle of the path. What, is it too much to ask that you lead your dog off of the path before he craps? Also, while we are on the subject of dogs, I know that you love your dog(s), but that does not mean that you bring them with to every local event. Some people are highly allergic to dog dander and besides, I have three dogs, but they do not go everywhere I do.
  2. People, who run stop signs and red lights. Because of your almighty wish to get somewhere quickly, you put everyone else in danger. This also applies to people who text and drive. That message just cannot wait? If you like to speed, be careful that your quick trip does not include a ride to the morgue and to those who like to text and drive, you’re going to be without your precious cellphone, when you’re lying in a cemetery plot.
  3. People, who budge in line, to attend some event. I use to not say anything and just stand there in fume, but not anymore. If you want to be at or near the front, you should have come earlier.
  4. People, who use express lanes in the grocery store, but have a shopping cart full of stuff. What, you cannot read the sign that says “12 items of less?” Oh, that’s right; those signs do not apply to you, only to the rest of us.
  5. Men, who use public bathrooms, but do not wash their hands afterwards, what, your mother never taught you proper hygiene lessons? We all can do without your filthy hands touching every surface that you come in contact with. This is how viruses and colds are spread. I am also sure that some women do this also, but since I do not enter ladies bathrooms, I do not know for sure.
  6. People, who cannot leave their cellphone alone, no matter where they are at, if your cellphone is more important than the event or activity that you are attending, then why are you there, in the first place? It is rude and obnoxious, to those people trying to present or perform.
  7. Sales persons, who do not offer to help you. Maybe this is why you only see sales clerks standing behind cash registers, ringing up what people buy. There is no attempt to help customers anymore and God forbid, that anyone attempts to increase sales by interaction with the customer. I guess the customer is not always right anymore.
  8. Men who find it necessary to spit a glob of crab on a public sidewalk, where other people can step in it. What, no handkerchief? Oh, that’s right, what is that? Why not just throw all decency out the window and continue to do whatever.
  9. Old people, who quit using soap and water, if you cannot get in and out of the bathtub or shower, at least try using the sink. Remember that you are still alive and you are out in public, and anything is better than smelling like death warmed over. Also ladies, huge amounts of perfume do nothing to hide the odor, it may make your crap smell more flowery, but it still smells like crap.
  10.  We have a weekly section of our local paper for people to submit photos and short announcements for special occasions, like graduations, weddings, birthdays, etc. What I noticed recently, is entries announcing upcoming birthdays for relatives and family members, who have passed away. Now, I do not see any harm in you celebrating whatever, but announcing that someone will be another year older is just plain wrong. The person, in question, is dead. They are no longer aging. My dear father passed away at age 73. Nowhere does that now make him 96.