Yesterday, my wife and I decided to go to the movies and we choose to see the movie “Noah” staring Russell Crowe along with Jennifer Connelly, Ray Winstone, Emma Watson, Logan Lerman, Anthony Hopkins, and Douglas Booth.

Spoiler alert: If you are planning on seeing this movie, stop right here and do not read further.

Noah depicts the flood events of the Biblical epic as global, just like the Scripture teaches. No matter what some scholars would like to argue about the text and the science of the flood story, the whole earth is destroyed and the explicit language of the Scripture teaches that Noah is the Second Adam. Any retelling of the flood that takes into account Noah as a son of Adam, in the lineage of Seth, will always come away teaching that Noah restarted the human race as a new ‘Adam’ figure.

Noah depicts the wickedness of humanity with great faithfulness. There is no doubt that anyone who sees this film will come away thinking that mankind has great evil, or potential of evil, within his own heart. Everyone in the film was shown to be a sinner, even Noah, himself.

Noah shows us, on the big screen, some of the massive weight of power and judgment that God showed all of humanity on the day the flood began. God, the Creator, repented of making mankind and decided to wipe them all out, excepting Noah and his family. Men, women, children, and babies were all slaughtered by the One, Holy, True God as the flood waters covered the land and washed away the stain that was sinful humanity. Both the mercy (saving Noah) and the justice of God (destroying evil mankind) were displayed to everyone.

The movie actually does grapple with the reality that God destroyed all kinds of people, young and old, who may not have been as evil as some other people in their day. No mercy was shown to anyone outside the family as the flood started. In fact, Russell Crowe as Noah was so fixated on his idea of God’s will that he lost any compassion for his family.

Noah, in its creative license, ended up leaving out some key aspects of the story in Genesis. First, the angelic ‘sons of God’ only came down because they found the “daughters of man to be attractive.” Noah claims that they came down to help mankind because they felt sorry for them because of how harsh the world was going to be after the Creator kicked Adam and Eve out of the garden. These fallen angels were represented as giant rock monsters. These creatures who help Noah protect the ark seemed to be more in place as Lord of the Rings middle earth characters, than in this movie.

The movie also did not follow the Genesis interpretation of God telling Moses to, “Take with you seven pairs of all clean animals.” The snakes and dragons depicted in the movie does not represent that idea of a “clean” animal. Serpents were thought to be “unclean” and a form of evil.

The movie also does not follow Genesis’ story of Noah as being extremely righteous. Noah is told that he and his family are being saved because God had seen that Noah was a ‘righteous man.’ On the contrary, in the film, Noah enters the ark depressed and despairing of life for his family. He is depicted as believing he and his sons won’t have any more children and that God only really means to save the innocent animals, since all of man (including his kids) is unredeemable.   So, the movie begs the question of whether man was worth saving.

The most significant departure from scripture involved Noah’s sons. In the movie, Ham and Japheth enter the ark single, with no hope of finding a spouse. In the Biblical account, all three sons are married and all three wives are on board the ark.

Another departure was the villainous character of a king named Tubal- Cain who kills Noah’s father in the beginning of the film and later gets aboard the ark during the beginning of the flood and plots with Noah’s son to kill his father.

God judged mankind in an un-revocable way and then, he declared to Noah that only he and his family would be saved on the ark with all the animals. Noah was shown to have no hope for saving the rest of humanity, even when they wanted to run into the ark while the rain was falling. Noah was even depicted, in the movieas slaughtering any who attempted to enter the door. I did not feel that the movie was very realistic of a “righteous” man. The movie “Noah” truly gives us a good consideration as to what psychological effects the flood might have had on Noah. And this is shown in the film to explain why he got drunk in his new garden? The entire human race was destroyed before his very eyes and only he and his family were left. If anything, this movie compels us to consider exactly how Noah could have felt, even in the face of the grace of God that saved him. You also must factor in that the director of this film is an atheist.

I believe that if you like action and suspense, you will like this movie. It definitely, makes you think about different things. I believe that my wife thought that the movie was ok. I just did not care for how the character of Noah was portrayed in the movie and I found the character to be anything less than the people who were destroyed by the flood. I guess that I should have stayed home and saved myself the $ 32.00.