Yesterday on Facebook, there appeared a video depicting an elementary school play of the classic movie Scarface.  I along with many others was appalled and shocked to believe that some irresponsible school administer and/or teacher allowed school age children to perform such a vulgar laced rendition of this movie.  Well, truth be told…do not believe everything that you see or read on the internet.

This video clip purportedly showing school kids performing a stage version of Scarface, the 1983 Brian de Palma film starring Al Pacino as drug lord Tony Montana, raised hackles on the Internet in March 2010 among parents who were horrified that an elementary school would have children performing such inappropriate material full of adult themes, violence, and foul language (even if those elements were somewhat muted in the version shown here).

However, this video did not originate as a taped record of an elementary school play; the stage work was professionally produced and directed.  That hysterical (or horrifying) version of “Scarface” making the rounds with grade school kids playing all the parts and spewing the f-word … “fudge” — yeah, it’s not an actual school play.

Instead, it’s the work of director Marc Klasfeld and Rockhard Films who did the videos for Lady Gaga’s “Pokerface” and Adam Lambert’s “For Your Entertainment.”  It was produced in L.A. back in February 2010 and the audience members were a mix of cast family members, colleagues and friends.

As for Lil’ Tony and his co-stars, they were selected through a casting agent known for finding child actor look-alikes for adult stars.

The video was actually made with professional child actors in a rented theater in Los Angeles and the director Marc Klasfeld, who is known more for his music videos, was quite surprised by the outrage this video created as it spread across the internet.  He claimed that he made the video to highlight the demeaning way that the original film portrayed the women in the movie.  He claimed that he did the video to protect and strengthen the plight of all women in the future, including his two daughters.

So, remember that social media is only as good as its content and for better or worse, living your life and that of your families on any social media is only required if you need public approval of everything that you do in life.  Your 5 minutes of fame is not acquired through social media sites and anyone who continues to believe this, only shows others just how pathetic your life has become.  Although I am addressing my beliefs on this blog site, I will caution all of you that if you use social media to put forth any grievances or to express personal ideas, you need to stop doing so, because hundreds see those rants and they diminish you in their eyes.  Also, major companies do look at social media sites to judge you when you are applying for employment, so do not give them a reason to say no.  So remember, social media is a communicating source…not a social platform.