I am usually accused of being too negative all the time by members of my family, especially by my loving wife.  While I often report on items in the news that are more on a negative side, my goal is always one of information and to get like thinking people talking about what is happening around them.  Maybe it is the nature of news reporting in today’s society, in which, most news is presented with a negative slant.

So, to brighten everyone’s day, here are 100 wonderful things in my world, in no particular order:

  1.  Waking up in the morning
  2.  Drinking a beer after mowing the lawn on a hot summer day
  3.  When someone says thank you
  4.  The sight of a hummingbird drinking from a feeder
  5.  My wife
  6.  Memories
  7.  Sitting on a river bank or lake shore as the sun comes up
  8.  The cackle of a rooster pheasant
  9.  The first crocus as it breaks through the topsoil in spring time
  10.  Anytime that the temperature is above freezing during winter in North Dakota
  11.  The arrival of dragonflies in summer (they feed on mosquitoes)
  12.   A smile on a stranger’s face
  13.   A phone call from a friend
  14.   A fawn following your footsteps in the morning frost
  15.   The unconditional love that your dog(s) give you
  16.   Being recognized by your peers for doing a great job
  17.   Retirement
  18.   Having siblings
  19.   Have children and being loved by them
  20.   Having grandkids
  21.   Taking a nap
  22.   Sex
  23.   More sex
  24.   Growing old
  25.   Missing your parents once they are gone
  26.   Your first new car
  27.   Graduation
  28.   Watching your wife give birth
  29.   A rainbow
  30.   The smell of freshly cut grass
  31.   Beating cancer
  32.   Eating a “long john” with maple frosting
  33.   Eating prime rib on Christmas
  34.   Watching a grandchild open packages for the first time on Christmas
  35.   The look on the face of a child discovering the taste of a chocolate malt, for the first time
  36.   Catching your first fish
  37.   The excitement of watching a bobber disappear below the water
  38.   Watching a sunset
  39.   A hot shower
  40.   Viewing  the night sky
  41.   Seeing a falling star
  42.   A new shotgun
  43.   Playing a pickup game of football.
  44.   Reading a good book
  45.   The smell of freshness after a rain
  46.   Trees leaving out in the spring
  47.   The smell of hot apple pie
  48.   Family dinners
  49.   The smell of a newly printed dollar bill
  50.   Your first paycheck
  51.  A mother’s touch
  52.   A grieving parent
  53.   Marbles
  54.   Playing kick the can under a streetlight
  55.   Fireflies
  56.   Water on rivers or lakes when they are as smooth as glass
  57.   A fresh breeze on a hot night
  58.   Your first kiss
  59.   Your first love
  60.   Living in this great country of ours
  61.   The smell of fresh baked bread
  62.   Eating crème brulee
  63.   A cruise to Alaska
  64.   Watching a good movie
  65.   Eating hot, buttery popcorn
  66.   Drinking a scotch and water
  67.   Enjoying a day in the outdoors
  68.   Taking my dad to see the Missouri River for the last time
  69.   Jumping into your favorite swimming hole
  70.   Having a teacher take the time to teach you to spell(every day for an entire school year)
  71.   Going to bed after a long, hard day
  72.   Painting a room even though you are not that good
  73.   The feeling when you fixed something that you did not think that you could
  74.   The courage to keep on stepping forward
  75.   Watching your wife as she sleeps beside you
  76.   Having your college roommate ask you to go with, after first meeting you
  77.   Having a granddaughter who is on the honor roll in school
  78.   Having sons who make you proud
  79.   The touch of your young granddaughter has she holds your hand
  80.   A child’ slobbery kisses
  81.   Hugh snowflakes falling straight down from the sky
  82.   The spring thaw
  83.   The sounds of the forest while you sit in a tree stand or blind
  84.   The sight of a dog who is so excited that his whole body waggles along with his tail
  85.   The sight of an ocean of wheat waving in the breeze
  86.   The view of an approaching summer thunderstorm at night
  87.   Your first homerun or touchdown
  88.   Watching your sons compete in sports
  89.   Seeing the Rocky Mountains and never getting tired of it
  90.   Riding a horse
  91.   Your first dog and having him fall asleep in your arms
  92.   Having a spouse that allows you to take that new puppy into bed with you
  93.   Having a wife that encourages you to go hunting and fishing
  94.   Having a spouse who thinks of others before herself
  95.   A shave in a barbershop (with hot towels and a straight edge razor
  96.   Turkey sandwiches after Thanksgiving
  97.   Any gift from someone who cares
  98.   People who ignore your shortcomings
  99.   Watching a tree mature that you yourself planted

Finally, in honor of the birth of my new granddaughter, Madison Sage, my last wonderful thing is the arrival of a new child.

For once, I hope that this list inspirers some great memories in your life and I attempted to not be negative, in the least…