Did you hear the latest news on the drug overdose of former actor Philip Seymour Hoffman?

Four people were arrested on Tuesday in connection with drugs found at the home of film star following his death of an apparent heroin overdose.  The arrests came during a raid on a building in the Chinatown district of Manhattan after police traced the heroin believed to have killed the Oscar-winning actor, to that building.

New York City police officers found narcotics at the building in Chinatown and four people were arrested but, officials refused to confirm that the arrests were related to the death of Hoffman.

Heroin found in Hoffman’s apartment, following his death, was not cut or mixed with fentanyl, a synthetic narcotic believed by health authorities to be responsible for scores of overdose deaths in recent months.

The 46-year-old actor was found unresponsive on the bathroom floor of his Manhattan apartment on Sunday by police responding to an emergency 911 call.  Police found Hoffman with a syringe in his arm and recovered plastic bags containing a substance believed to be heroin.

Preliminary results of an autopsy were expected to be released today.

Now…do you see anything weird about this?

First, only since Hoffman’s death have you seen such an alarm sound over the apparent widespread surge of heroin use across this country.  Why only now?

Second, he was an addict and had been for many years, but apparently, as long as you do not kill yourself doing it…then it is ok.  Also, it was common knowledge that he abused drugs.  Why was he never arrested?

Third, he was a good actor, but since he is now dead; people have somehow elevated his artistic ability to the level of the greatest ever seen.  Isn’t it wonderful how death somehow makes you better, like the new and improved Hoffman?

Fourth, there is this clamor on the news and on the streets of New York City to somehow find those people that sold the heroin to Hoffman, sold that they can somehow be charged with his murder.  I do not believe that the dealers, whoever they may be, should not be held accountable, but they did not put the syringe in his arm…he did.  He was an addict just like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston and they willingly and knowingly used drugs that were illegal and also knew that these same drugs could ultimately, cause their death, if they continued to use.  Why do we try to place blame elsewhere when everyone knows that it was the user’s choice?