Typically I talk about things that I see in our world that I thing are wrong, unfair, cruel, unjust, and need to be changed or brought to the attention of others, but I sometimes wonder if it really makes a difference.

So, today I am going to address 5 different things that upset or downright piss me off.  These are not in any order of severity or personal wrongness, but rather as they come to me.

  1. Yesterday’s terrible super bowl.  Now, realize that I have been a long time Broncos fan, so I believe that I have the right to say what I think.  I will take nothing away from Seattle’s performance, but Denver’s performance stank.  What happened…you decided to not show up for the game, or you missed the plane ride?  Any athletic who is a so-called professional at your level, should be able to make something happen, when you are playing for a championship.  It was total crap from the first play from scrimmage.
  2. Weathermen or weatherwomen who think it’s funny to joke about the weather.  I realize that they do not make the weather, but thinking that it is somehow fun when the weather forecast is in the toilet, just adds insult to injury.  Laughing about extreme temperatures is not funny to those people who have to be out in that kind of weather.  Also, on a side note.  If you are from an area where a half an inch of snow shuts down your whole city or you start to complain about temperatures between freezing and 0 degrees… quit being a crybaby and see what it is like to live in Minnesota or North Dakota.  And yes, we are part of the United States.
  3. Tax season.  If members of Congress can sit on their collective asses and do nothing, than I believe that all legitimate citizens should be able to withhold paying any income taxes until Congress and that idiot in the White House start working for us, instead of themselves.  You wantt a deficit…how about no income?
  4. People who ignore red lights and stop signs.  Also, people who are making left-hand turns who continue through the intersection long after the light has turned green for me.  Just because you are in the turning lane does not give you unlimited access to proceed.   Also, what is the goddamn emergency that tells a driver that yellow means to stomp on the accelerator and go faster?  Yellow means slow down because the light is about to change to red.  Also, why is speeding the only violation that gets the attention of the police.  What, too many donuts this morning make it impossible for you to climb your fat ass out of the patrol car or is it because you can’t spell “red light” violation?
  5. Rude people.  Whatever happened to politeness?  Again, everybody is in an almighty rush to get nowhere.  People barge in line at every opportunity and watch out if you are a senior citizen because they will target you because you are old and frail looking.  Also, those people who park their fat asses in the middle of a store aisle and visit with another group of fat asses, so that the whole aisle is blocked to oncoming traffic.  I suggest that you go meet at a Golden Corral Restaurants, instead, at least you would be in company with other fat asses.