Yesterday, or last evening the American public were afforded the opportunity to witness just how broke the United States political arena is today.  What I am referring to was the State of the Union address that was presented to Congress by our totally ineffectual President.

Now, not all the blame is necessarily his fault because the do nothing politics that are currently operating in our nation’ capital is just as much to blame for nothing getting done.  What we saw was a Congress so divided along party lines that while half those in attendance applauded and stood; the other half, sat on their hands and did nothing but complain.

As the President delivered his State of the Union speech, he did so with the lowest voter-approval rating of his entire time as Commander and Chief.  Also, those in the divided Congress have stalled all of his second term agenda as they turn their collective focus on the upcoming mid-term elections.

In case you missed it, or like many Americans…just do not give a shit, here were the highlights of his speech.

The first major issue is one of income inequality between the haves and the have not.  The rich are getting richer, the middle class is shrinking, and the poor are gaining large numbers.  The effects of the recession are still widely felt by many and the President’s answer was increasing the minimum wage and extending long-term jobless benefits.  In addition, he hopes to ease federal rules to encourage jobs in low-income communities.  Too bad his major focus is on helping the black community only.

The second major issue was a plea to the members of Congress to put aside their political differences and attempt to come to some sort of a mutual agreement.  The President would have been better off talking to the wall.  At least that way, he would not of been so trashed by the opposition.

The third major issue was about immigration reform and though the two sides differ on the approach, I could see this type of legislation getting passed because both sides see this topic as an important issue for many illegals and the fact that these same people can and do affect voter outcomes.

The fourth issue was a pitch by the President to get more people to sign up for the Affordable Care Act.  Again, too bad that it will be appealed be for it has a chance to make a difference.

The final issue will be about foreign policy and the fact that Iraq and Afghanistan has been a total mistake and it will all be for naught.   The sooner that the troops are home the better this country is going to be.

So, in the famous words of General Anthony Clement McAuliffe, in response to the State of the Union speech, I have only one word…”nuts.”