I came across this little news snippet and at first glance it would of not attracted any of my attention.  Read this article and then I will comment.

The Oakland Raiders has reportedly been sued by its own cheerleading squad.

The heart of the suit is that the cheerleaders are upset about being paid what amounts to be $5 an hour.

The suit, filed in Alameda County Superior Court on behalf of current and former Raiderettes, claims that the NFL team engaged in wage theft and other unfair employment practices. Specifically, the suit charges that the team withholds all pay from the Raiderettes until after the season is completed, does not pay for all hours worked and forces the cheerleaders to pay many of their own business expenses.

“It’s as if the Raiders’ owners believe that the laws that protect all workers in California just don’t apply to them,” attorney Sharon Vinick said.

According to Vinick, the Raiders cheerleaders are contracted for an annual salary of $1,250, which amounts to an hourly wage of less than $5 per hour. The lawsuit also claims that the Raiderettes incur other costs, including fines levied for infractions such as bringing the wrong pom-poms to practice, wearing the wrong workout clothing to rehearsals, failing to bring a yoga mat to practice, or not turning in written biographies on time.

Now, regardless of any merit in this case, the amount paid for these ladies’ services is definitely below the minimum wage law and I agree that they should have understood the amount of money they were going to receive.  It is also unclear what monetary amount that this group of women is asking for in compensation.  But, what surprised me was the over-whelming attack by people on social media.  Venomous is one word that comes to mind when you read some of the responses.

See the following:


They should file suit against whoever it was that held the gun to their heads and forced them to become cheerleaders.

While I agree, $5/hour isn’t even minimum wage.  What baffles me the most is that these women are suing because they signed a CONTRACT without doing a simple math equation first?

No worries…once these disgruntled girls are gone, there will be plenty of big boobed blonde pom pom shakers that will be more than willing to show off their bodies, flirt with players, and sell their sexuality for nothing.

How can they afford a lawyer on $5 an hour?!?

They can shake their TA TA’s in a Lawyer’s Face, and They will take their case.  LOL

You signed a contract. Did you read it before you signed it.

Well ladies, A contract is a contract.  If you want salaries and benefits go to work for a non-glamorous business and join the labor force.  These frivolous lawsuits are degenerating our country into a joke! When you signed up to complete for the spotlight job, you knew what the conditions were or you would have not signed on the dotted line! By the way, only your lawyer will make money on this either from you or the NFL Team.   Guys, Wonder why the price of seats are out of sight???   Gee Raiders Front Office, Give the girls some incentives just to be benevolent, you pay high prices for your felony players!!

Yawn.  Didn’t read your contract did you?  Stupid is as stupid does.  Most of them will end up working at Hooter anyway for minimum and tips. That or pole dancing at some nude club down by LAX.

Actually most of them are gold diggers and will end up chilling in mansions or yachts.

The very attractive women Cheerleaders are akin to nothing more than flowers on display at an event.

And since cheerleaders are obsolete, their income would be part of that charity. Nobody else gets paid for volunteer work. Why should they?

Then get a real job.   Who would want to be a professional high-school-er, anyway?

Boo Hoo!

It sounds like they agreed to the contract for employment.  I submit they don’t have a pretty leg to stand on.

Didn’t they have to try out for those positions.   Historically these positions have been held as an entrance to modeling or for exposure for other careers.   Next they’ll sue the city because they own the facilities which they perform. IN THIS CASE THE STEELERS TOOK CARE OF THIS PROBLEM A LONG TIME AGO.

I believe in paying the cheerleaders a reasonable wage.  That being said, if these ladies entered into their contracts KNOWING the terms and signed on the dotted line……. case closed.

Why the complaining?  That’s $5.00 per hour more than the cheerleaders in the CFL make…

If they have agreed to annual salary by contract or signing some agreement that specifies what the team will pay for other than their salary they have a right to sue, if it is only for salary they do not.   I always thought they joined the squad for the enjoyment in addition to their careers.   This country is so sue happy and the legal profession loves it and the courts entertain it taking up room for real issues that need address.

Pro cheerleaders try out and accept these jobs knowing that the pay is very little.  Being a cheerleader on a pro sports team expands their resume for other opportunities.  They also get appearance fees for all kinds of other events. I would not be feeling all bad for them.

For these educated degreed professionals to sign up for $1250 for an entire season, and disrupt these stellar lives and careers, doesn’t say much about their smarts or common sense.

I agree, there is no way these airhead, ratchet hoes have degrees.  Most of them are hoping their looks will land them an NFL husband

So the REAL question still remains. If you don’t bring in any real revenue to justify your value to have a bargaining chip AND it’s obvious you’re not wanted anymore, why fight it? The NFL is obviously not a philanthropic organization. Why not find other ways to meet your desire to perform?

If they just love to dance and perform, why is there a gripe about money?

Honestly, cheerleaders have out lived their usefulness.   There is no need to whip up fans in a football stadium – they come there already in a frenzy.   Cheerleaders reached their peak with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and Paula Abdul in the ’70’s/’80’s.   I just fail to see the need for them anymore.   Plus, if you are dumb enough to travel the entire country for $1250 over a 5+ month period?   That sentence speaks for itself.   If it’s the opportunity to be the next Paula Abdul, or marry a player,  then I think their time is better spent somewhere else.   Paula was a ’80’s/early’90’s phenomenon but not so much anymore, Idol notwithstanding.   Marrying a player – not consistent enough to merit all that time and energy for nothing. I know many of you will say ‘but the payoff’; however, these girls do this for years and often end up with just their pay.

My point is they are no longer needed.  Before I put up with all of that, I would answer the lawsuit, pay them something to make them go away, and then they would be released from their contracts.   No cheerleaders necessary.   They don’t contribute to any real revenue generation.   The fans would still go to the stadium and still tune in if the cheerleaders were gone.  There are teams that don’t have them and they do fine.   I see cheering as being an opportunist situation to be seen for career or personal advancement.

Please they make at least 1250 a night at the strip club what are they crying about

What I am getting at is they are really no longer needed.   Cheerleaders are outmoded now. No longer necessary.   I say make up the back pay and eliminate them.

I have never once had a man tell me that he went to an event to see the cheerleaders since the 1970’s when Dallas’s squad was all the rage.  Make no mistake – except for the desperate horndog man, these guys go to these events to meet the players, get autographs, and hobnob with them.  They would still go without the cheerleaders.  I do marketing and PR.  You have to recognize the real draw, and the cheerleaders aren’t the real draw.


And that was only in the first hour.  I guess that if the fans could care less about having cheerleaders at games, than why have them.   It is all about sexuality and the belief that all football fans are characterized as the guys in Da Bears commercials…beer-belly, tail-gating, horny bastards.