Since everyone knows what today is…I thought that I would tell you a couple of little ghost stories.  Five of us from the penitentiary attended negotiations training in Rawlings, Wyoming.  Part of the week long session included a night time scenario at the old territorial prison.

This scenario started at 7:00 pm and lasted until 8:00 am the following morning.  This included students attending the negotiations training and members of the Wyoming State Penitentiary Swat Team, and local law enforcement playing the roles of “bad guys.”

This territorial prison is closed down and is now a museum of its historical past with stories about some of the famous, or should I say, infamous prisoners of the past. We were locked inside the prison and no one could leave until the scenario ended the following morning.

Now, I cannot say that I saw ghosts, but there were times when the temperature around you would change and you would feel a chilling temperature change that would last seconds and sometimes minutes.  These “chill” zones were felt by a lot of the people, in attendance, and they appeared to change positions or move around.  Officers that were on the deserted tiers of the cellblocks during the training exercise, claimed that they heard voices and footsteps when there were no one else around.  Some also claimed that someone or something touched their cheek or their hair and or they sensed a presence.

The second story is about a house that I lived in in Devils Lake, North Dakota.  I was then married to my x-wife and my children were very small.    It was an old two story house and all the bedrooms and the main bathroom was located on the second floor. My x-wife worked the early shift and had to be at work by 6:00 am.  Since she did not want to wake the children when getting ready, she would put her makeup on in a downstairs bathroom.

We had lived in the house for a while, when my x-wife started complaining of hearing laughter and the sound of children’s voices coming from the basement.  The first several times that this would happen, she would come upstairs and awaken me and have me check the basement.  During these first several occurrences, I never heard anything and never found anything during my numerous trips to the basement.

This went on for a couple months before I started to also get up when the x-wife went down stairs to get ready in the morning.  It was at this point that I also started to hear the laughter and the sounds of children playing in the basement.  There was never any explanation for the noise and we could never find the source.

We were both very apprehensive and wanted to move, but could not afford to, at the time.

The second event occurred when we took a group picture of our small children sitting on our couch.  The couch was pushed back, almost touching the wall behind it, and there was no room to stand behind it.  When the film was developed, their appeared to be a figure standing behind the couch, directly behind and above were my children were sitting.  I explained it away, in my mind, as a result of the flash from the camera, but deep down I knew better.

A couple weeks later, my x-wife was making spaghetti sauce in an electric skillet that was sitting on the kitchen counter.  The skillet was plugged in to an outlet on the kitchen wall above the counter, and it had a short foot long electrical cord, and it was, at least, 8 inches from the counter top edge.  There was no cover on the skillet and the sauce had been cooking for several minutes.  We were at the dining room table, drinking coffee in the next room and more than 6 feet from this electric skillet, when it suddenly fell upside down onto the floor, and did not spill a drop of sauce.  It landed a couple feet away from the kitchen cabinets and the cord was unplugged from the outlet, but still fastened to the electric skillet.  There was no way that it just fell off the counter.

We found out later that the old lady that had owned the house was the grandmother of the landlord and had died in the house.  We also learned that she had lost several of her children due to childhood illnesses or accidents.

After these incidents occurred, I asked her not to harm my family and that we wanted to live in peace with her and that we were not a threat to her.  I also asked her to protect my children along with her children and the unusual activity in the house…completely stopped.  We never experienced another thing, out of the ordinary, as long as we lived there.