I will admit that I was somewhat concerned over this most recent shooting at a school because it occurred in Sparks, Nevada this morning.  My granddaughter attends a middle school in Reno, Nevada, which is not that far away.  Police say two people are dead and two more are injured in a shooting at Sparks Middle School in northern Nevada Monday morning.

Washoe County School District Police didn’t immediately offer details of the identities of the dead.  Spokeswoman Angela Rambo of Renown Regional Medical Center says two boys are in critical condition.

Police said the school is “all clear” and the suspect is “down,” but offered no further details.  The shooting happened on the school’s campus, but outside the school building itself, according to police.

The middle school and next door Agnes Risley Elementary School have been evacuated to Sparks High School and the middle and elementary schools, in Sparks, will remain closed Monday.

Sparks, Nevada is a city of roughly 90,000, which lies just east of Reno.

The incident apparently occurred around 7:15 am local time and was prior to the start of the school day.  It was reported that the shooter was a seventh grade student.  The shooter reportedly stated that his life was ruined prior to opening fire.  Reportedly, the shooter shot at least 5 rounds.  It was reported that the shooter/student apparently opened fire at students that had apparently been harassing him.  It was at this time that the staff person/teacher attempted to intervene to stop any further bloodshed and was shoot and killed at that time.  The shooter/student than apparently died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.  No shoots were fired by arriving law enforcement.  It appears that this was an isolated incident and the rest of the middle school students and staff are safe.