Latest news out of Connecticut…there will be a new “hauling” Corvette available and I do not mean “hauling” ass; yet, I believe that it will be able to do that also.

Do you like the new Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, but wish it had just a touch more cargo room?  Do you find the Ferrari FF to be both too expensive and too subtle?  Well then, get yourself prepared for the newest concept from Callaway Cars.  Connecticut-based Callaway Cars, high priests of make-things-go-fast, are known for taking Chevrolet cars and even some trucks to intense performance levels, whether in the form of its 540-horsepower Silverado 1500-based Sport Truck, or its nearly 600-horsepower Camaro, or its famous modified Corvettes of the past.

Along the way, Callaway has continually redefined its ultimate expression of the performance sports car, currently offering customers the 650-horsepower C16.  As the seventh-generation Corvette Stingray is being released, Callaway is once again taking it in a new direction by announcing a production run of its AeroWagon shooting brake concept.

Initially revealed back in March of this year, the AeroWagon concept set off intense discussion all over the Internet.  Debates ranged from whether the proposed “extended hatch” version of the new Stingray looked better or worse than Chevrolet’s own production version, or whether or not it would ever actually be made.   Well it is happening…the AeroWagon will go on sale in January.

In what is perhaps the AeroWagon’s design masterstroke, it manages to keep the Stingray’s targa top intact, taking it to a whole new level of cool.  That cool won’t come cheaply, however.  The full carbon bodywork runs $15,000, which is on top of the cost of buying the base Chevrolet, at an average cost of around $ 61,000.

For another $ 22,995 Callaway will boost the V8 engine to 610 horsepower and add the company’s other performance modifications (as well as a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty) that will be featured on its upcoming 2014 Callaway Corvette.  This brings the total package to around $ 98, 995.  So, if you have that amount of extra cash laying around the house, then, on weekends, you can run to your local hardware store and pick-up some extra bags of ready-mix and maybe even some small sheets of plywood.  I do not think a 4 X 8 sheet will fit, but who knows.  Callaway hasn’t released figures yet, but says the increase in cargo area volume will be “significant,” and that its package won’t change the front fascia or interior of the Stingray.

With the performance package, the AeroWagon’s slippery design and light materials should ensure that it will be close to or even faster than the standard Callaway Corvette and just how fast could the Aero-Wagon be?  Callaway claims both its Corvette and AeroWagon will be capable of hitting 200 mph.

It is easy for some to dismiss the AeroWagon as gimmicky or even silly.  But for some, this unique take on the quintessential American sports car is not only welcome, but an improvement on an already well-received design.  This idea may be considered “wrong” by some who loves the true idea of how a sports car should look but, nothing screams “right kind of wrong” to us like a 600-horsepower, 200-mph, targa-top shooting brake.

We can’t wait to see it in action — just don’t forget the milk and who knows…there may even be enough room in the back, for the kids.  Sorry, that last line was meant as a joke.  Anyway, it is still cheaper then buying a Corvette Stingray and a Chevy or GMC Pickup and probably, a lot more fun to drive.