Well, it looks as if the entire cast of characters that make up our countries’ Congress has all shifted into neutral and a Government shutdown will not be stopped due to their refusal to work together.  Now, the typical “blame game” has started to retain their voter base.

I am totally shocked that the American voters, regardless of your political beliefs, are not “up in arms” over this congressional stonewalling.  The amount of complacence in our population is frightening.

I have been talking against this do-nothing political “bullshit” since I started this blog, but all I see is the same division and hatred and unwillingness to work together.  Our system of democracy is broken and anybody who does not see this is blinded by their own hatred for the other guy.

Some facts to ponder:

Why are members of Congress getting paid while our military are not, during a shutdown of government?  Maybe this has something to do with their unwillingness to continue funding the government.

At what point does the average citizen, says collectively, “stop this crap?”  Unfortunately, not until it affects them personally and I do not see enough people upset over this debacle.

How much of this political hatred is fueled by television and the extreme members on both sides of the political news purveyors?

If this stalemate is truly over the “affordable care act” or “Obama care” why have there been 42 attempts by Republicans to stop it from going into law, but no Republican amendments to change the existing law?  Because they may have to admit that some of the law has merit.

Why are there members of Congress who would just as soon see this country destroyed, just so they could say to the American populous…I told you so?

Finally, all members of Congress and all of our political leaders should be blamed for this mess and run out of town and anyone who continues to vote for these losers are part of the problem and not the solution.