I realize that there are a lot of devoted sports fans and that they would do almost anything to obtain a ticket to see their favorite college team play football.  My team is a member of the Missouri Valley Conference, the FCS North Dakota State University Bison or who is commonly referred to as “the thundering herd.”  This team loyalty extends to most football fans regardless of what team they support and an example of this loyalty appeared on Craigslist recently.

Gary Yates, a lifelong Tennessee Volunteers fan living in Denver, purchased four tickets to Saturday’s SEC contest between the Volunteers and the Florida Gators.  The four tickets were purchased so that Gary, Gary’s wife Brenda, his stepdaughter Jessica, and her date could attend the game.  But Jessica’s date decided that he had better things to attend to and decided to bail on her, which left Yates with an extra ticket on his hands worth $ 150.

Most in Yates’ situation would probably just try to resell the spare ticket to recover some cash, but Yates, had a better idea.  He decided to give away the ticket for free on Craigslist, in exchange, for a replacement date for Jessica, after he had gotten her approval for the idea.

And so late Monday night, the ad was created.


Free Ticket! Tennessee-Florida This Weekend on the 40 – $ 1 (Sec 36 – Row 19)

This ad was accompanied by several pictures of stepdaughter Jessica.  And the ad reads as follows:

My stepdaughter’s date backed out (his loss, your gain) for the game.

1 Free ticket for the Tennessee-Florida Football game this Saturday (cost to me, $150) on the 40 for the right gentleman.  You must be an attractive, professional, single well educated gentleman, with a good sense of humor, 25-33.  You also must not be threatened by an attractive, professional, single well educated lady, (as she is).  If you do not qualify, please pass this ad to a friend.

The fine print: I lied!  (Sorry…not totally free).  Your cost will be a modest dinner, drinks and delightful conversation with her before or after the game.

P.S. (Being a Tennessee Vols fan is not required, but is highly desirable)

Only those that respond with pictures and resume will be considered!  Be creative.

Yates confirms that the ad is 100 percent legit.  He says his family, including his wife Brenda, are flying down for the game, from their home in Denver and the “winner” of the ad will sit with him, Brenda, and Jessica at the game.

Yates says he’s been flooded with feedback since his ad was posted.  “My mailbox is full,” Yates said. “I’ve had a couple of lighthearted responses, one of them was hilarious, but yeah, it’s been mostly serious responses — I would guess, I don’t know, 30 or 40, and that’s just this morning.”

He went on to say that that he is surprised and a little overwhelmed by the response that the ad has received and stated that he was unsure how they would pick a winner.  “I’ll have to discuss this with Jessica,” Yates said.  Yates did say that he was unsure how to proceed; whether to pick a final 4 or just let Jessica pick one.

So, continue to follow your favorite college football team and who knows…it just might lead to a date with a pretty girl.