The other day I was sitting in one of our local malls waiting for my wife to finish shopping at her favorite women’s clothing store.  I guess I am old school and I avoid entering that store or any store where I am outnumbered by women, 50 to 1.  Entering that women’s domain would be as terrifying as walking into a women’s restroom, so I stay outside and I partake in my favorite pastime at the mall which is sitting and watching people.

As I sat there, you can’t help but notice how different people dress.  People are all individuals and what they wear is as diverse as they are; and often, it is usually based on age group, or gender, or career, or even time of day or time of season.   You get a sense of what is in fashion, but, then again, there are people who have no fashion sense and or, like me, don’t have the perfect body for fashion.

But anyway, as I sat there I saw two people whose appearance was imprinted on my brain.  The first was a young man dressed like what I would refer to as a gang-banger.  He had on Dallas Cowboys baseball cap with the bill cocked to the side of his head.  He also had on a pair of sunglasses with black lens and white frames.  He was wearing a white “wife beaters” t-shirt and blue jeans and untied, white high top tennis shoes.  The blue jeans were about 5 sizes too big and hanging below the cheeks of his butt, which exposed his red plaid underwear.  The crotch of his pants hung down around his knees.  He thought that he was “cool” and he was really strutting through the mall, acting like he thought he was.

The second was a very pretty young girl, who was dressed like a model.  She had on a transparent white top with a pink padded bra on underneath.  She had on a very short pink skirt, pink leggings, and white shoes.

Now, you may not see anything wrong with the way these two young people were dressed and at a certain age, you may feel that this is appropriate, but the boy I described and the girl that I described were approximately eight and six years old, respectfully.

Among our youth we now see pint-sized cheerleaders, itty-bitty beauty queens, and tiny fashion models; and in the malls of America, the sassy-sexy look isn’t just for teens anymore.  The same also goes for the hip hop young boys strutting their stuff, while exposing their asses.

Younger girls and boys are drawing their fashion ideas from television and the designers are accommodating them.  Parents are buying these clothes and thinking that it may be cute, or harmless, or innocent.  “When I am talking to my daughter, she’ll sit there and say, ‘You don’t know fashion’ and how can I compete with that?” the dad asked and one mom said, “I am just amazed at how much shorter the dresses are getting. They have stuff for the kids I wouldn’t wear.”

The parents say that the department stores need to tone it down in the children’s section and lay off companies like “Pimpfants” that sell “baby beaters” and “junior pimp squad” t-shirts.  There even are choices, plenty of them, if your little one wants a thong or a padded bra.

Parents have the power to say no, and you need to stop dressing your child like some sexy model or some street thug.  The only bling that your child needs is some bright colors and layering can make almost anything appear more conservative.

We have enough sick perverts in our society without advertising our children as potential targets.  No child younger than junior high should have a need to feel “sexy.”  Children need not be deprived from wearing the latest fashions, but I also think it is important to let your 6 or 8 year old act their correct age and dress appropriate for that age also.