Democratic mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner got into a heated exchange with a bakery shop patron during a campaign stop in Brooklyn Wednesday after the man appeared to call Weiner an expletive and made a misguided reference to the candidate’s wife.

“You’re a real shitbag, Anthony,” the man told the candidate, according to a video that was taken at the time.

“That’s a charming guy right there,” Weiner says in response as he exits the Borough Park bakery with Rosh Hashana sweets.

Weiner has slipped from leading in the Democratic mayoral primary at one point this summer, to an apparent fourth place, never regaining his lead after he admitted in July that the online explicit relationships, he carried on before resigning from Congress continued as recently as last year.

In Wednesday’s exchange on the campaign trail, the bakery patron then appears to say “married to an Arab,” an apparent misguided reference to his wife, Huma Abedin, as others in the bakery tell him to be silent, according to the Weiner video.

Weiner and the patron continue jarring as the mayoral hopeful exits the bakery.  The patron calls Weiner “disgusting,” among other things, and Weiner says “It takes one to know one, jackass.”

The former congressman turns and yells, “You wait ’til I walk out to say anything.  That’s courage.”

The unidentified man says, “We’ll have a discussion.  Come back in here.  I’m not afraid of you.”

In the next part of the exchange, captured on video, the man says Weiner does disgusting things and questions how he has “the nerve to even walk around in public.”

Weiner replies, “You’re a perfect person?  You’re my judge?  What rabbi taught you that? What rabbi taught you that you’re my judge?”

The man says, “You talk to God and work out your problems, but stay out of the public eye.”

“You’re a bad example for the people,” he adds.

Weiner later says, “I fought very hard for this community and delivered more than you will ever in your entire life.”

The man responds: “You never delivered anything for any of these people. You deliver for yourself. You’re selfish.”

Now regardless of what you may think about this exchange in a bakery in New York, it does bring up a good point.  That is the question of judgment.  Now, I believe that candidate Weiner was referring to the religious aspect of this question of judgment and basically saying that only God can rightfully judge some ones behavior and that this individual does not have the right to judge him, his wife, or his moral character.

On the other hand, this man verbalizes his personal disgust for Weiner’s previous immoral acts and believes that he should not continue to be in the public eye, that he should not run for the office of Mayor of New York, and should as he states, “Get a real job.”

Another example of what I am talking about was the recent explosion of emails that were leveled at President Obama for putting his feet up, and or sitting on the Resolute Desk in the oval office.  This revolving email has a life of its own and has been circulating through the internet since the photo was released on June 10th, 2009 by the Huffington Post.  In the picture it shows President Obama talking on the telephone with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, with his feet up on the desk.

The email states that this is a sign of disrespect of a “historic landmark” and “This arrogant, immature, self-centered man has no sense of honor, or simple decency.  While this posture is disrespectful in any culture, it is not appropriate in any executive setting.  Further, in over half of the cultures of the world, it is recognized not only as disrespectful, but as an extreme insult.  He thinks of himself as a king, not as a servant of the people, humbly occupying our White House for his term in office.  Electing him was an enormous mistake and will cost us in many ways, for generations.”

If this is “judged” to be so terrible and disrespectful of the Office of these United States, why then was it ok for past Presidents to do the same?  We have official pictures of President George W. Bush and President Ford with their feet up on the desk…where was the public outcry when they did it?  Or is public outcry only reserved for conservatives, when it is leveled at this Presidency?  If so, then it is just out of pure hatred for the individual.

Admittedly, we all are guilty of judging each other and their respective behavior and like many of us, I am not a fan of the current administration, but I also see problems with the other side.

The most misunderstood verse of the Bible is Matthew 7:1, which is traditionally rendered as, “Judge not lest ye be judged.”

The whole context is this:

Do not judge, or you will be judged.  For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?  How can you say to your brother, “Let me take the speck out of your eye,” when all the time there is a plank in your eye?  You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

The point is not: Do not judge, but rather, if you judge, you will be judged by that same measure.  It is a warning against making rash, hypocritical, and overly harsh judgments.

It also tells us as Christians to refrain from judgments concerning the eternal fate of anyone and to leave those intentions, motives, and final value to God.

So, judge this blog for what it is worth!