If you are a citizen of Billings, Montana or even a citizen of Montana and you have a daughter; you have better be outraged over this injustice or plan to move out of the state, because your daughters is no longer safe.

In our society, anytime that a judge rules on the side of some sick pedophile, instead of supporting the safety of those children that are most vulnerable is a major travesty.  I have seen the utter destruction that these kinds of crimes create and the total lifetimes that they take away from innocent children.  I have also been on the other side and had to deal with these “monsters” of society and no amount of treatment will ever convince me that anyone like this can be cured.  Any one in law enforcement or the legal system who cannot realize the total damaging effects of sexual abuse of our children has no business protecting our youthful citizens nor should they be allowed to sit on a legal bench and pass judgment.

I am totally disgusted by the actions of this judge and I would hope that people in the community come forward and do whatever it takes to remove this incompetent individual from the bench.  Any judge that would rule that a 14-year-old minor was somehow responsible and to blame for her own “rape” is utterly ridiculous.

This former teacher was placed in a position of trust and he in turn violated the communities trust by preying on this child.  Who knows…there may have been other girls that were also victims or potential victims?  You may never know just how close one of your daughters came to also becoming a victim of sexual abuse.  These individuals are constantly on the prowl looking for potential targets and this individual will be out in your community within one month.  You have better lock your daughters away because this piece of shit will continue to victimize others.

If you have not heard the news…here is the story:

A former Billings Senior High School teacher who pleaded guilty to raping a 14-year-old student who later killed herself has been sentenced to 30 days in jail by a judge who said the victim was “older than her chronological age” and “as much in control of the situation” as the teacher.

District Judge G. Todd Baugh sentenced Stacey Dean Rambold to 15 years in prison for sexual intercourse without consent, with all but 31 days suspended. He also gave Rambold credit for one day already served.

The girl’s mother repeatedly screamed, “You people suck!” and stormed out of the courtroom Monday.

Rambold, now 54, was charged in October 2008 with three counts of sexual intercourse without consent alleging that he had an ongoing sexual relationship with Cherice Morales, starting the previous year when she was 14.  Morales took her own life in February 2010, while the case was still pending.

In July 2010, Rambold entered a three-year deferred prosecution agreement with prosecutors that said the charges would be dismissed if Rambold completed a sex offender treatment program and met other conditions, including having no contact with children. He also admitted to one rape charge.

The case was revived last December when prosecutors learned Rambold had been terminated from the sex offender treatment program.

A treatment provider said Rambold started missing meetings in August 2012, but that he met with Rambold and he appeared to be back on track with his treatment.

Rambold was terminated from the program in November when it was learned that he had been having unsupervised visits with minors, who were family members, and did not inform counselors that he had been having sexual relations with a woman.

Rambold’s defense attorney said Rambold has since continued his treatment with a different program and an evaluation found him at low risk to re-offend.

Baugh said he was not convinced that the reasons for Rambold’s termination from treatment were serious enough to warrant the 10-year prison term prosecutors recommended.

So, there you have it.  You now have a legal system that protects and defends the actions of a pedophile over a poor girl, who was raped by her teacher.  Also, if you believe that this individual is a low risk of re-offending, I will personally tell you that this sick bastard will never be low risk and he will keep offending because the legal system in this district court failed every one of its citizens.  Also, you need to ask the question…why in the world did this case drag on for almost 5 years?