Everywhere you turn, especially on the news or on different social media outlets; you see comments about Miley Cyrus and her recent appearance at Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards.  I have heard that her performance on stage was disgusting, provocative, shameful, degrading, and unfit for youngsters to watch; to others that expressed concern and attempted to explain why this young lady could and would act so differently from her previous Walt Disney designed image of “Hannah Montana,” the sweet little innocent child turned teenager.

If you were stupid enough to watch it, your first clue should have been the program you were watching, apparently forgetting those past VMA moments included Prince performing in a body suit with the butt cut out, Lil Kim’s almost entirely exposed breast and Madonna being Madonna and let’s not forget all the other outrageous outfits and behaviors of past performers and attendees shown on the red carpet and on stage.

Miley’s performance consisted of her grabbing her crotch, stripping, wild gyrations, strutting around in a flesh-colored latex bra and pantie outfit, sticking out her tongue, and sticking her face in a dancer’s rear end; and that was in just the first part of her performance of the evening.

Things got even dirtier when Robin Thicke joined her on stage to perform his massive summer hit, “Blurred Lines.”  That’s when Ms. Cyrus decided to perform a lap dance on stage and place her behind right up against the singer’s crotch, and shortly thereafter, ran a giant foam finger down the front of his pants.  I wonder what his wife, Paula Patton, must’ve been thinking?

During her risque act, MTV’s cameras panned the audience, and some of the reactions were priceless.  Rapper Drake was caught looking down at the floor.  Rihanna looked bored.  The One Direction guys appeared expressionless.

Comedian and actor Kevin Hart later joked about her performance, “Better go get that pregnancy test after all that grinding!”

The former “Hannah Montana” star, who has been distancing herself from her sweet image the last few years by showing off more skin and dirty moves, recently, explained the change as a result of “puberty.”  It does seem a little farfetched seeing as how she’s already 20.  While she thought she was being all shades of sexy and grown up at the VMAs, audiences instead were cringing in embarrassment for her.

But, let’s not stop there.  Ms. Cyrus got exactly what she wanted and that was an extremely high level of attention, media exposure, (no pun intended) and comments.  She is the talk of the town, maybe not in the best terms…but do you honestly think that she cares about her image.  Just maybe, it’s exactly the right image she wishes to portray.

I have just one additional comment to make.  There was some entertainer who complained that Ms. Cyrus’ performance was not appropriate for his eight year old to witness.  My only question to him is why in the world would you let your eight year old daughter watch the VMA show on MTV in the first place?  Your performance as a responsible father is as disgusting as Ms. Cyrus’ performance on stage.