I have not written a blog in recent days for a number of reasons.  The primary reason was that my beautiful, loving wife took a few days off from work and I wanted to spend some quality time with her and not be distracted by my blogging.

The second reason was that I had an appointment with my dentist yesterday to have a crown to cover a broken tooth.  If you dislike the prospect of a dentist visit as much as I do, than you fully understand why an event like this could be so disruptive.  It is not the visit so much as the high cost to do so.  I think it is ridiculous what dental offices charge and being a former state employee, the state’s dental coverage is not worth obtaining.  I could think of many things that I would rather spend over $ 900 on.  Just think of the rifle scope that I could have brought instead.

The third reason is that I am getting tired and I do not see any growth in people reading what I blog.  I have written over 100 blogs since February and have seen very little growth in followers.  So, that tells me that even though some people are reading different blogs, they in turn are not referring my site to others.  My entire desire to start blogging was to open a source to create a voice.  A voice where people could express their general displeasure on any subject whether it was political, social injustice, crime, or anything that affects your lives that creates anger and outrage.  I have been on Twitter for over three months and have only one follower, so that tells me that people may like what I write, but not enough to recommend to others.

I hope that this plea encourages others to respond or just maybe, no one cares.  As always take care and remember my blog on April 1st and it was not meant to be a joke; so if you don’t remember it…go back and read it.  It was entitled, “As Spock said, “live long and prosper.”