San Diego’s City Attorney said his staff is preparing to question San Diego Mayor Bob Filner under oath in the sexual harassment lawsuit filed by the mayor’s former communications director.  Filner, a first-term mayor and former Congressman, will begin two weeks of intensive behavioral therapy treatment today.

He’s accused by his former employee, Irene McCormack Jackson of sexual harassment in a lawsuit filed by prominent attorney Gloria Allred. McCormack Jackson was the first of nine women to step forward and accuse Filner of inappropriate comments and unwanted sexual advances.  She claims the mayor often asked her to have sex with him, would hold her in what’s been dubbed the “Filner headlock” and once told her she would do a better job if she worked without panties.

On July 26 Filner acknowledgement that his “failure to respect women, and the intimidating contact, is inexcusable.”  In the statement at City Hall, he announced he would enter a behavioral counseling clinic but did not divulge what specific behavior or condition he suffers from.  “I must become a better person … I must demonstrate that my behavior has changed,” Filner said.  Neither Filner nor his office has released details about his therapy or its location.  Filner is picking up the tab for the treatment.

During a discussion about the Filner scandal, City Attorney Jan Goldsmith said he and his staff will cross-examine the mayor as well as the other witnesses and get to the heart of the lawsuit filed by McCormack Jackson.  The Associated Press is reporting the deposition will take place Friday.  Goldsmith said no matter what happens Filner will be given “an out.”  “We will give Bob Filner an out if he does the right thing,” the City Attorney said Saturday.  “He’s got a lot of legal problems and they are mounting.”

This is an issue of self-indulgence and a belief that they are somehow entitled.  I am sure that this type of behavior toward females has existed for a long time and now someone has pushed the issue and filed suit.  This is not his first rodeo…it’s just the first time to be made public.  This piece of crap should lose his job immediately and suffer the same embarrassment that he has inflicted on his victims.

This idea of seeking treatment is nothing more than a ploy to attempt to avoid further punishment.  I call it the Lindsay Lohan defense.  I would categorize him in the same group as a sex offender; unfortunately, we do not imprison people for sexual harassment.

He might be able to deny the claims of one victim and say that it did not happen, but when you have nine women come forward, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating.”