Sizzrup is a concoction of cough syrup containing prometh and codeine as well as some other drink such as a soft drink or mineral water.  It is also goes by a number of other names such as purple drank, syrup, barre, purple jelly or lean.
The term sizzrup or syrup has been popularized by many hip hop artists mainly from the southern United States who rap about it in their music as well as claiming to have taken it.

How they make it
The most common way of making sizzrup is by mixing prometh with codeine cough syrup with a soft drink such as sprite or mineral water, ice cubes and jolly ranchers candy.  This is the most common sizzrup recipe although you may find some variations in some of the ingredients although in most cases you will have the use of a cough syrup.  Even in the cases where prometh with codeine is not used other cough syrups containing hydrocodone, which is a narcotic medication used in the treatment of pain & as a cough suppressant, is used as a substitute.  Some of the cough syrups with hydrocodone include tussionex, hycotuss and histinex HC.

Why it’s dangerous
Sizzrup involves taking a prescription strength cough medication and mixing it with other drinks or ingredients, this in itself is very dangerous and is actually abusing the medication as you are taking medication that was not prescribed for you and in a different way than was originally intended for it.

Prometh with codeine cough syrup has two main active ingredients promethazine, which is an antihistamine and codeine, a narcotic pain reliever.  When taken normally the ingredients in this cough syrup provide relief from a cough.  But when taken in large quantities as is the in sizzrup concoctions it can have serious consequences on your health, this can include loss of consciousness, sedation and depression of the central nervous system.  When the central nervous system is affected it could lead to weakness, difficulty breathing and possibly fatal hypoventilation, where the chest is unable to take in adequate air to sustain life, leading to death.

In the cases where some has used sizzrup for a long period of time he may become addicted and even possibly suffer from seizures.  Long time users will also experience withdrawal like symptoms when they stop taking it.

Fatal encounters
A number of famous hip hop rappers have unfortunately lost their lives after their run in with sizzrup turned fatal.  The most notable is DJ Skrew (born Robert Earl Davis Jr) who died at age 30 in November of the year 2000.  He was among the first rappers to popularize the use of codeine based drinks.

Big Moe, who was a protégée of Dj Skrew, also died in the year 2007 after suffering a heart attack that caused him to go into a coma out of which he did not come out of.   It is believed that taking sizzrup is what led to his heart attack.  He died aged just 33 years.

Pimp C a Texas rapper and a member of the rap group UGK was found dead in December of 2007 in his hotel room.  The coroner’s report later established that his death was as a result of breathing complications caused by promethazine codeine in his system.

Is it illegal
Technically No, but only if you have a genuine prescription for it from a doctor.  If however you do not have prescription you cannot buy prometh with codeine cough syrup from your local pharmacy or even be in possession of it.

You can be arrested if found in possession of prometh with codeine cough syrup without a prescription.

Drug enforcement authorities also keep a close watch on the movement of the drug both on the street and in the pharmacy stores to reduce incidences of diversion and illegal sale of the medicine.

Sizzrup is not harmless fun, cool or an easy high as portrayed by hip hop rappers.  It can get you into some serious trouble or even kill you.

Media speculation as well as internet buzz are openly querying if Trayvon Martin’s purchase of Skittles and Arizona Watermelon Fruit Cocktail Juice on the night he died were just to satisfy a young man’s sweet tooth or were they two of the three ingredients in a dangerous codeine-based concoction, as reported by the pop culture news portal on July 12, 2013.

Martin has been portrayed by his supporters as an innocent youth armed with nothing more than a bag of Skittles candy and a can of Arizona Iced Tea on the night he was killed by neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman.

During the course of the trial, State Prosecutor John Guy made it official when he identified to the jury Martin’s personal possessions found on his body by police, to include an “unopened bag of Skittles” as well as a “full can of watermelon-flavored drink,” on June 25, 2013. accuses Martin of admitting on his Facebook account as early as June 27, 2011 of being an abuser of a codeine, soft drink and candy beverage popularly known as “Purple Drank” or “Lean.”

According to the hipster website, Martin asked a friend online, “unow a connect for codien?”

Martin went on to tell his friend that “robitussin nd soda” could make “some fire ass lean.”

He says, “I had it before” and that he wants “to make some more.”

As cited by the popular contemporary culture reference site Urban Dictionary, Purple Drank/Lean also goes by the street names of sizzurp, Texas Tea and liquid codeine.

Purple Drank is commonly used by Southern Rappers and “wannabe suburban teenagers” according to Urban Dictionary.

Also cited is that the intoxicant is “a mixture of Promethazine/Codeine cough syrup” and any given store-bought clear soft drink or juice.

To further enhance the sweet taste that appeals to the mostly youthful users, Urban Dictionary cites Purple Drank also has “a few jolly ranchers and/or skittles thrown in.”

The statements could be considered credibility-weak without any source documentation cited, but is it any less credible than all the statements painting this kid as some kind of saint?  It has also been reported that officials found burglary tools in his school locker, but the school did not notify the police and listed the tools as confiscated items.

I understand that Trayvon was also a student of mixed martial arts and combined with these other facts do not represent him as some little innocent kid that has been portrayed on national news programs.

What I find most disturbing about this whole situation is the apparent heat put on officials, to arrest and try George Zimmerman for murder after the local police found it to be a justified shooting.  It has been suggested that this “pressure” came from the US Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. and the US President Barack Obama, both black men.

I ran face first into this mentality in the late 1960’s, at college, where the majority of black students ran around campus with an arrogant chip on their shoulders, claiming that they were all “innocent” victims of white society.  The vast majority of these same black students banded together in support of each other, just like years later, when I witnessed black inmates band together in prison…to the total exclusion of all other ethnic backgrounds.  It’s unfortunate that this mentality of supporting each other, regardless of the truth, is still rampant in black culture.