Good morning America, do you realize what yesterday and today was…it was beat a dead horse day.  All the media is again focused on the old news of the George Zimmerman trial.  One program had Barbara Walters interviewing his parents, while Piers Morgan talked with Rachel Jeantel, the supposed x-girlfriend of the victim Trayvon Martin, and last but not least; Anderson Cooper had on his show, juror B-37.  If you are wondering about the rest, they continued to show film coverage of continued demonstrations and violence around the country by street thugs whose only intent is to cause civil unrest, damage property, and loot businesses.

Where is the responsibility in our society when social media not only creates social conflict, but also exasperates it by continually stirring the pot of social unrest?  Where is the responsibility with a President of the United States who is also black making statements that not only support the viewpoint of the black community, but also excuses the resulting behavior as something justified?  What is the responsibility of our, totally silent, members of Congress?  And finally and most importantly, where is the same outrage from the black community over the continued civil unrest, the continued violence, the continued property damage that is occurring in many of our major cities?

If you have not yet figured it out…we have a double standard in this country.  It is ok for black people to support and excuse the behavior of other blacks because they can be biased and any black person harmed by another person, be they not black, is always racial, in nature, and a violation of their civil rights.  While the same thing does not apply to me because I am Caucasian and for me to support and defend other non-blacks makes me a racist.  I have not heard nor seen any public outcry over the incident south of Nashville, Tennessee, yesterday, where a white jogger was attacked and beaten by three black men who purportedly asked him if he knew who Trayvon Martin was; prior to throwing him into a car and beating him severely.

I am not a racist because I do not judge a person by their skin color.  But, I do not like people who are close-minded and act and feel that I am somehow the enemy because I do not share their same beliefs and ideals.  I base my likes and dislikes on how people treat me and I will never conform to some preconceived ideal of different standards for different ethnic groups.

What happened in Florida was tragic and terrible for his family, but why is it ok to paint a black youth as a victim based solely on the fact that he was black?  Remember, George Zimmerman, was first reported by the news media, as being white.  Oh shit, we got it wrong.  He really is Hispanic, isn’t he?  Oh well, it does not matter because he is not Black.  For all those people who feel this way…you are as much a Racist as you painted Paula Deen.

So…it continues and people continue to tune in to watch this soap-opera called “news.”