It is a terrible shame and a disgrace that a large part of our nation is polarized over the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial.  Regardless what side of the national outrage you place your beliefs; the resulting rage, disbelief, and violence is ridiculous and has no place in a modern society.  It is a shame that this country is so biased on the issue of race that that becomes the focus of our national attention.

I feel sorry for the loss suffered by the Martin family, but I was not present when the altercation between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin occurred.  There is always two sides to an altercation and because of the difference in perception…there is also differing testimony from any participates or witnesses.

Dealing with individuals on the wrong side of our justice system, I learned a few things about what happens with our legal system and unless your work is related to a part of that system, don’t blindly trust what you read or see on your favorite newspaper and/or news program.

Some observations that I saw in 30 years of working in the legal system:

People have a tendency to lie to improve the outcome that they desire.  Prosecutors and defense attorneys all lie through lies of omission.  A lie of omission is one in which you keep details to yourself that could or would hurt your case and they will direct and choreograph their potential witnesses to do the same.  Witnesses lie on the stand all the time, whether it is done to protect themselves or because their perception is wrong, or to enhance their 15 minutes of fame.  I have seen police officers lie to make a case or to protect each other from possible future legal charges.  I have seen family members lie to get a conviction in court and have seen other opposing family members lie to achieve a dismissal.

There is not an honest man or woman incarcerated in any of our prisons.  There is a reason that they are called cons and that is because they all try to use and con people into doing what they desire.  It is also part of the inmate code to not say anything to the “man” and lying is not only common, but expected.

No one but George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin know exactly what occurred that terrible night and no one; not the news reporters, the so called experts or commentators, the justice programs, the courts, the police, the witnesses, or the average man or woman on the street; know what really occurred between these two individuals.  To hear what is believed and perceived in this case is utterly outrageous and unbelievable.

I blame one entity on this whole issue and that is the role of mass media.  The news programs on TV made this case one of race.  The same way they present different coverage when a black person is killed as opposed to a white person or a white child goes missing as opposed to one of color.

Since the verdict was announced every “news” program has focused on the outrage, the anger, the demonstrations, and the violence that we see erupting across this nation and it still continues this morning.  It is pretty pathetic that a trial in Florida and its outcome is the sole focus of our national attention.  I also do not believe that George Zimmerman or Trayvon Martin were innocent parties, but were, in fact, drawn together in an altercation that both chose to not walk away or disengage from.

To all those people who currently feel that our system of law, our society is broken, that there is no justice for some members of our society; wake up and realize that change only comes about when it is demanded by the people.  Stop believing in what you see and hear on TV or read in newspapers or on the internet and reach out to and embrace each other.

We were once a nation that believed in working together to improve this nation, but not anymore.  We are divided by religion, political beliefs, income, race, and our own mistrust of others.  What we once had as a nation is gone and I see nothing or nobody able to turn it around.  The news programs on TV are nothing more than “canned” reality…created to keep the attention of the mindless masses, which go about their lives clueless and disinterested in what is truly happening in this country.  Maybe it’s a case of misdirection…who knows.