The sweeping immigration reform bill approved late last month by the U.S. Senate would boost the U.S. economy and help create jobs, the White House asserted in a report released Wednesday.  Long supportive of the Senate measure, President Barack Obama and his aides have pushed the Republican-controlled House to take up the comprehensive immigration reform bill, which includes a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants and strict border security provisions.

Some House Republicans have been resistant of the Senate-approved legislation, however, saying any pathway to citizenship amounts to amnesty. GOP lawmakers were expected to meet today to decide a way forward on immigration.

At the White House, Obama will meet with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus today to discuss immigration reform. And on Capitol Hill, supporters of immigration will rally in support of House action on the Senate’s bill.

In the economic report compiled by various administration offices, the benefits of an overhaul of the nation’s immigration system are touted; using analysis from the Congressional Budget Office showing the bill would increase GDP and lower deficits.

The CBO report released in June indicated the immigration bill could reduce deficits by $175 billion over the first 10 years and by at least $700 billion in the second decade.  The CBO, working with the congressional Joint Committee on Taxation, estimated that 8 million unauthorized residents would become legal in the first decade.  In addition, the CBO report estimated the bill would boost the U.S. population by a net of 10.4 million people by 2023 and by 16 million by 2033.

A bipartisan group has been working on an immigration package in the House, though it differs sharply from the Senate measure by making it harder for undocumented immigrants to get on a path to citizenship.

Members of the House group negotiating the bill would also require that border security measures be in place before any process toward gaining legal status could begin.  Lawmakers agreed to include security “triggers” in their proposal in hopes of attracting support from more House Republicans who have been highly critical of the Senate bill.  The Senate has rejected a similar GOP proposal.

Regardless how you feel about immigration, the true reality is that our southern border has more holes in it than Swiss cheese.  Hundreds of illegal immigrants are coming into this country every day and we, as a nation are unable and unwilling to stop the flow.  We have created this mess, because for years we turned a blind eye to the problem because we wanted the cheap labor force from Mexico to fulfill our menial jobs in our fields and farms, to tend our gardens and yards, and to work in our homes as servants to our wealthy.  We welcomed them with open arms to do our bidding and to perform tasks that were “beneath” the rest of us.

This was all in the name of “the economy.”  We could pay these “illegals” less than a natural citizen because; if they did not comply…we could always call the authorities and have them “deported” back to their country.  It was a win, win, situation for everyone involved.  Even the “illegal” was making better money here, than back in Mexico and besides; if he got caught and sent back…he just crossed the border again.  Along with the money that he earned, there was also welfare programs, food stamps, low-income housing, social security, free educational opportunities, and free health care for his wife and his many children; and the rich got richer due to his labor.

I find it a bit ironic, that the Democrats are using the countries’ economy as an excuse to allow illegal immigrants to stay in this country legally.  We all know that this is political in nature.  If the Republican members of Congress support this legislation…they will no longer be in control and will forever be the minority party. But, before you place the blame on the Democrats, there have been a lot of rich Republicans that continue to hire these “illegals” to increase their own profit margins.

It’s the way we do business in this country…keep wages low thus the consumer gets that savings passed on to them, lower consumer pricing means higher sales numbers, and increased sales means more money for the “fat cats”, who in turn demand even lower wages, so they “outsource” jobs to places like China.

Hey, I just figured out our problem over immigration.  Forever, we have constantly sent “illegals” back across the border to Mexico.  Instead, let’s start deporting them to Canada…that why it becomes their problem.  Besides, Canada could use more people living in their northern regions near the Arctic Circle.

In closing, the reason I use the term “illegal” over the now correct “undocumented” is because by our immigration laws…they are here in this country illegally.  The only reason the terminology has changed is because, in this country, I am now a member of the minority.  In fact, I might need to learn Spanish.