There was a time when Anna Benson was famous for being the hot loud wife of pitcher Kris Benson, once a member of the New York Mets.  In fact, one could easily argue Anna became more of a celebrity than Kris.

After all, he finished his career in 2010 with a losing record and a career highlight of leading all pitchers in fielding percentage in 2005.  But Anna when on to further fame, staring as one of television’s best known reality shows, “Baseball Wives” in 2011-12.  She was once referred to as “Baseball’s hottest Housewife” a decade ago.

But, if you wait long enough, good things happen to people.  Kris filed for divorce last year and Anna’s show was canceled after one season.  Never one to give up easily, Anna has found a way to stay in the spotlight; she recently got arrested after an alleged domestic dispute with her former husband.  According to Atlanta police, Anna raided Kris’ apartment in a bullet proof vest, demanding money and carrying a gun and a metal baton. It sounds to me as more of an attempted shakedown. She was arrested and charged with two counts of felony assault, trespass and possession of a firearm.

Kris got Anna to go away by saying he’d give her some money, but quickly called the police and she was later arrested.

There have been clues, in the past, that Anna was capable of some extreme and impulsive behavior. She once told Howard Stern that if Kris cheated on her she’d do the entire Mets organization, which upset a lot of the wives of the New York Mets organization.

Meeting Kris was a big break for Anna, a high school dropout, who met her future husband while at the strip club, where she was a dancer. When she met him, she definitely saw her future husband as a money source.

She told people she and her husband had sex in a limo in a parking lot while autograph seekers waited outside.  She also showed up at a Mets Christmas party as a sexy Mrs. Santa Claus.  When Kris was traded from Pittsburgh to the Mets, Anna became such a . . . sensation that when the Mets traded him to Baltimore, Kris said he believed it was because of his wife.

So, before you buy in to all the hype around all these reality shows that are so pervasive on our television networks, be aware that they are just people.  They are not any different than you or I and anyone who compares them to the royal couple in England, is off their royal rockers.  A weekly television show that is nothing but “canned” reality, with storylines made up by the producers, to increase the number of viewers…thus increase revenue; does not make them famous, entitled, or even star status.

People need to concentrate their efforts on their families and themselves and pay less attention to the crap that is portrayed every night on our television sets.  Besides, like Anna Benson, the only reality in her life is; once “trailer trash”… always “trailer trash”.