A Redlands, California, high school teacher who allegedly gave birth to a baby fathered by a teen student has been arrested for having sex with the male pupil.

Laura Elizabeth Whitehurst, 28, was arrested Monday evening after being questioned at her home in Redlands.  She is a teacher at Citrus Valley High School, according to the Redlands Police Department.  Whitehurst was taken into custody on suspicion on unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor and was released after posting $25,000 bail Monday evening.

The student was 16 at the time of the nearly year-long alleged relationship, according to police.  The mother of the alleged victim, who is now 17, on Monday reported the relationship to the Redlands Unified School District, which in turn, contacted the police.

Whitehurst, who was an English instructor at the high school, gave birth to a baby on June 18 and investigators say the child was fathered by the teen.

A brief statement from the school district, which stated that the teacher had been placed on leave, after police were notified of the allegations.  “The district takes this arrest very seriously,” the statement read. “Our heart goes out to the victim and his family.”  Whitehurst was not named in the statement, and the district said it would not comment at this time.

Citrus Valley High School has about 2,200 students, according to state records. It graduated its first senior class in 2012.

I just do not get it!  Every day you read in a newspaper, or see it on TV, or you read about it on-line about some adult having sex with minors.  It is mostly always men who are the perpetrators and it rarely is remotely considered consensual in nature.  But occasionally, it is someone in authority or in a guidance role, who steps across that forbidden and unlawful boundary and has sex with a minor under their control.

I do not understand how anyone could or would imagine that this would be ok, much less, continuing the relationship for close to a year.  On top of that, you have this child fathered by another child, and you do not think that the facts are not going to come out.

Sexual relations with someone under the age of 18 are illegal, but so is it illegal for a teacher to have sexual relations with a student.  What part of this concept, do you not get?  Not only did you throw away your chosen profession, but you threw away your whole life.  Even after your prison term is over, you have now joined the ranks of countless sex offenders and will have to register as one…for many years, if not, for the rest of your life.  Also, while you are locked away in a cell, who is going to raise this child that was conceived by you and your “love” child?

I swear, people who commit these crimes against our youth must be thinking like most criminals who believe that something is not a crime, unless you get caught.

Unfortunately, this soon to be ex-teacher didn’t think this through enough, or realized that our prisons are full of stupid people, who thought that they would never get caught.

I am sure that you have somehow justified your actions in your mind and probably feel that this year long relationship was not criminal, in nature, and was a product of a loving, caring relationship.  You forgot one minor detail…he is considered a minor as far as society is concerned.  My only comment to you would be…it was wrong, you knew it was wrong, and you went ahead with it anyway…so, tell it to the judge!