I must be of a different world or something!  Recently, in our state, the Board of Higher Education voted to buy-out the remainder of the 3 year contract for the chancellor of the University System in our state.  This means two years of salary, plus medical, plus retirement, plus raises which than totals close to one million dollars.  When he was hired just a year ago, the board was looking for someone who would be tough and bring about some needed change.  Well, they got what they wanted, but, he was so tough that he upset a lot of employees with his harsh policies, which lead to the board deciding to buy him out.

Now some people may think that there is nothing wrong with this, including many of our state legislatures who have been at odds with the board for many years, but to me this raises many questions.

  1.  Why do we give individuals multi-year contracts to someone we know nothing about and cannot begin to imagine the kind of job they will do.  Once they have been in the position for a year, reevaluate their performance and if they are doing a quality job then reward them with a multi-year contract.
  2. Why do we always pick someone from out of state?  You mean to tell me that we have no qualified applicants currently in the private sector or in our university system, in our state?
  3. If the people on the board of Higher Education are doing their jobs correctly, then there should be no cause for concern about being sued, so fire him and tell him goodbye.  Instead there are these huge buyouts (3 since 2006).
  4. I could even understand him getting his salary for the remaining two years, but everything else that he is receiving in this buyout, is downright ridiculous.
  5. Why are these employees not placed on probation for a period of time to see how they do in the position?  It is standard practice in other state positions and should be a requirement of employment throughout the entire state system.
  6. Why do we continue to “cater” to the wishes of these applicants?  But, we continue to agree to outlandish demands and contract terms so that we can “hire the best.”  Well, if this pattern, by the board of Higher Education, is going to go unchecked, where is my application?  I too am worth a million dollars and besides, I am also a native son.