Yesterday, I ran into an old high school buddy of my older brother’s at the grocery store. We visited for quite a time and I was greatly surprised when I walked out of the store and realized that it was after 2:00 pm.  The reason that I was surprised was that I had spent close to two hours between my grocery shopping and my kibitzing with this friend.

While we had been talking, he mentioned that he regularly gets together for a couple of hours with about six or seven buddies of his and they sit around and drink coffee and complain about what is going, on and wrong, in our city, state, or country.  He then said something very thought provoking.  He said, “we complain a lot about things that we have no control over and cannot do anything to change it.”

I did not think too much about this at the time and to be honest, this comment of his, kind of just went over my head.  That happens a lot when you get our age.  This morning, I was trying to decide what I was going to write about today, when I remembered what Henry had said yesterday, and I suddenly realized the importance of that one little statement.

How many times in our lives do we just decide that we will just live with what others tell us we must?  How many times are we going to continue to elect officials who do nothing to improve this country or even improve our lives?  How many times do we get upset with politics, or crime, or local news, or news that affect our state, or what we have to pay for inferior products from China?  How many times and over how many issues are we going to continue to bitch, but then turn around and do nothing?  We are all very good about complaining and as you age, you find out that you have more to gripe about on an ever increasing scale as you grow older.  We complain about ourselves and even complain about others who complain especially, if their complaints oppose ours.

But, this is the whole point in why I started this blogging adventure.  I was going to try and start a dialogue about things that need fixing in this great country of ours.  I must admit that after 70 different blogs, the going has been at a snail’s pace and I do not have the following that I thought I would by this time.

Well, this is one of the problems that we face collectively, because we do not value the strength and fortitude that we have in each one of us.  I have said from the beginning, that I was but one voice crying out in the wilderness…looking to start the dialogue.

We have the power to change our world, if we just start speaking out and making our voices heard.  But, we must do this collectively.

To all those people who lived during the Vietnam War of the 60’s and 70’s, whether you agreed with it or not; the college age Hippies and anti-war protestors that demonstrated on our college campuses and in our streets of our cities brought the idea of protest to the people of this nation.  That protest did in fact bring about the eventual end of that war and forever after, was a glaring example of how a group of people can change public opinion and also change the political face of this country.

So, stop thinking that you do not count and that your opinion does not mean anything.  The difference is that instead of six or seven people getting together to complain, we need to gather together six or seven thousand people who wish to complain.  When we start a collective voice, it suddenly gets heard over all the bullshit and things start to change.

The minority seems to have a voice when they start to complain about their rights being violated like not wanting prayer in our public schools or public buildings.  So, when is the majority going to step up to the plate and take this country back?  Start speaking out and to all those people, who do not love this country and want it to improve…you can complain.  Just like I have the right to speak out