Please read the following little article and see if anything jumps out at you. 

A San Antonio Girl Scout troop was in danger of crumbling from a big debt brought on by a giant order of Girl Scout cookies.

An anonymous donor has come to the rescue of a San Antonio Girl Scout troop that fell short on dough after mistakenly ordering more than 5,000 extra boxes of cookies.

Troop 1497 had accidentally placed an order for 500 cases of Girl Scout cookies when it really only wanted 500 boxes. At 12 boxes per case, that meant the troop of just five girls suddenly faced the daunting task of having to sell 6,000 boxes of Thin Mints, Samoas, Do-si-dos and other cookies. That’s 1,200 boxes per girl, a rather tall order compared with the 100 boxes originally intended.

Less than 24 hours after a local TV affiliate broadcast a report on the troop’s dilemma, an anonymous donor stepped forward.

The five girls in the troop had been furiously trying to sell the cookies, and was able to give 200 cases to other San Antonio troops. But it still had 49 cases, or 588 boxes, left unsold before the benefactor stepped up and paid the remaining $2,147 bill.

The Girl Scouts organization told the troop in a letter earlier this week that it had until Monday to pay or else the outstanding bill would be passed to a collection agency.

The 49 cases of cookies will be donated to an area food bank.

The troop leader resigned after the order mix-up.

Now, I realize that the Girl Scouts organization makes a lot of money off of this annual promotion and I also realize that there are even some people who actually “love” the taste of these over-priced morsels.  But, really…

It shows the true passion and mission of this organization when in a case like this, where it was an obvious ordering error, was not excused and allowed to be returned.  I could even see where the offending troop could possibly be charged the cost of return shipping, but to hold them to the total cost of those extra 5500 boxes is down-right mean spirited and shows that their only desire is the money.

No compassion was shown by this organization to the plight of these 5 little girls and no lessons were instilled upon these girls accept threats and fears.  To send a letter threating to send this matter to a collection agency, if this “bill” was not paid; shows me just how much “class” this organization lacks.

So, all you little Girl Scouts out there, be careful because this so-called organization that is supposed to support you has only one goal and that is to continue to make enormous amounts of money off of all your hard work and the last thing that they care about is you.

As to the Girl Scouts organization, I have only one parting comment.  Thanks to this article, I will pass this little tidbit of news along to all my family and friends on how you conduct business and I will promise that I will never buy another product that promotes or benefits your organization.

Like they say,…that’s the way the cookie crumbles.