I raised three children of my own and numerous foster children over the last 40 years and was immediately pissed, when I saw the article about a young father in Washington State who is accused of putting his newborn baby in the freezer to make her stop crying.

Tyler Deutsch, 25, was arrested on attempted murder charges and was expected in court yesterday.  Police officials believe the 6-week-old baby was in the freezer for about an hour.

The girl’s frantic 22-year-old mother, Deutsch’s girlfriend, called police after she saw him take the baby out of the freezer at their home.

A Sheriff’s spokesman stated that the baby girl was taken to a local hospital with a temperature of 84 degrees, but is expected to recover.  He also said, “It could have absolutely turned out a lot different.  The baby could have just been dead and on the way to being frozen. An hour inside of an ice box freezer usually would kill somebody.”

Now, I realize that some people should not be parents but, I had no idea that this type of event occurs more frequently than I would have imagined.  I searched for this article, online, and used “baby in freezer” as my subject and there is article after article from all over the world about occurrences like this.  There are so many parents…good parents…who would love to have a child and cannot or parents who have lost little ones due to illness or other means; that would give their hearts and souls to have their babies back.

To have so little compassion and feelings, especially for your own child is downright scary.  It’s lucky that the mother came home when she did, because, this piece of crap had fallen asleep after placing the baby in the freezer and only woke up when she came home.  Who knows how long that the baby would have been in that freezer otherwise?

If I saw someone take a baby out of the freezer…that’s where the police would find him.  I guess he slipped and accidently fell into the freezer and how do you explain all the bruises all over his body?  I guess that he slipped and fell into the freezer…multiple times.

This is as bad as the baby that they found alive in a sewer pipe in china.  The mother said that the baby slipped out of her hands and fell in the toilet.  I suppose that the baby activated the flushing handle as it fell too?  It was neighbors, who heard the child crying, that notified the officials.  Luckily, the baby was rescued and is expected to survive with no major complications.

Remember, as a parent, it is your sole responsibility to lookout for the well-being of your child.  It should be required by law that before anyone can have a baby, they must complete a certified course in proper parenting.  If a crying baby is going to set you off…you had better remove yourself, permanently, from that situation.  For you young, unwed mothers out there with dirt-bags for boyfriends; think about the consequences, before you breed with one of these losers.