A teenage girl is dead after her boyfriend stabbed the teen along a suburban Philadelphia hiking trail.  Julianne Siller, 17, was killed Saturday night by her 16-year-old boyfriend Tristan Stahley during a break-up.

Investigators say the couple was walking along a nearby trail, in Palmer Park, when they got into an argument over Siller “going out too much.” Siller then smashed Stahley’s cell phone and then he allegedly pulled out an orange-colored folding knife and stabbed his girlfriend in the throat and body.

He, later, told police he then dragged her body off the trail and into the woods to conceal the murder.  He then went home.

His mother, Heather Stahley, told investigators it appeared Tristan had been crying and that he had blood and dirt on his legs.  Upon further questioning by his mother, he apparently confessed to the crime, at which time, she alerted the authorities.

His father, Brian Stahley, told police when he went outside, his son had another knife to his neck and told him to stay back. The father and son then got into a struggle as Brian tried to wrestle the knife away. He was eventually able to get the knife, but was scratched in the face and bitten on the hand.  Minutes later, police arrived and arrested the teen.

Stahley was a recovering addict and also on medications for depression and that the only reason that Siller “stayed” with him was so she could “fix” him.

Troopers discovered Siller’s dead body in the woods a short time later. Investigators say a trail of blood led them to the body. They also found the knife, containing blood and hair, a few feet from her body.

Stahley is being held without bail. He is charged with first degree murder, third degree murder and possession of a weapon.  Siller, a high school senior, was set to graduate from Spring Ford High School in Royersford, Pa. on June 12.

Now, I can see the defense argument that he was suffering from mental defect due to his history of drug abuse and depression but, there is a greater issue here.

There is a lack of responsible parenting going on or a complete disconnect by this young man.  Either he was never taught to be respectful toward others or he has much deeper issues.  Most obvious, is his extreme level of anger, his feelings of entitlement, and his total lack of value toward this girlfriend.

There appears to be more of this type of disconnect from reality and lack of prevention, instilled in the youth of today.  So often, they resort to acts of violence, instead, of walking away.  Yes, it hurts to be rejected by someone who you care about, but you do not “kill” them.  That is an act of a crazed animal.

Under no circumstance, should you ever attempt to “fix” someone.  You cannot cure or change others, only yourself.  Even that only works, once you have decided that you are in need and also, willing to change.