We all know that the world is made up of a lot of different kinds of people.  Different races, different religions, different political views, different ethnic foods, different belief systems etc.; but I always felt that at the core, that we were basically the same…honest, caring, trustworthy, sympathetic persons who for the most part give a crap about what happens to others.  But, after reading this news article, I think that some people have reached an all-time low, when it comes to expressing their feelings about humanity.

A grand jury in New York has indicted a 37-year-old Bronx woman accused of pretending to be a family member of a young child killed in the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School last December and attempting to soliciting donations through a Facebook account..

On Tuesday, the grand jury indicted Nouel Alba on one count each of scheme to defraud in the first degree and identity theft in the second degree, and a short time later, she was arrested at her residence.  This investigation began over 5 months ago after members of the Pozner family told news reporters that Alba was not related to them.

Officials said Alba posted information on Facebook right after the Newtown, Conn., school shootings.  In the posting, she falsely claimed to be an aunt of one of the young students, 6 year old Noah Pozner, who was among the victims. She also, attempted to solicite donations to help pay for his funeral expenses and included instructions that the donations be sent to a specific Paypal account that included an account number and a routing number.

There are so many things wrong with a person that would stoop so low as to attempt to defraud people out of their hard earned money, but to use the tragic loss of a little boy as your sympathy card; takes this to an all-time low.  I guess people like this woman are made of the same cloth, as those people who try to get money by claiming to have cancer, or other terminal illnesses, or been victims of accidents or other natural disasters, when it is all but a lie.

Many years ago, I learned the hard way about the results of a lie and the trust that is lost because of it.  It is something that you may never get back.  You not only hurt yourself and your reputation, but your hurt the people around you; sometimes permanently.