To my Mom on Mother’s Day…

You were the one who made it possible for me to be alive.

You were the one who nursed me and came to the hospital every day because I was not able to go home.

You were there to take care of me in those first few months when I did come home.

My first memories of you are being in the bedroom while you were getting dressed, I must have been very small.

I remember the sorrow in your heart every time I tried to walk and failed.

I remember Dad or you getting me dressed in the mornings.

I remember Dr. Johnson telling you to let go and allow me to learn to cope on my own.

I remember how frustrated I would become and angry that you were not there to help me.

But, I grew up and I learned to stand on my own two feet.  Literally.  Looking back, I realize all the things that you did for me and I now realize the love you had for me.

I was not the best son and I cannot tell you why I was so angry with you for so many years.

But, I am forever sorry for all the hurt I created and I know in my heart that you will always forgive me.

So, on this soon to be Mother’s Day I have just one important thing to say to you.

I love you Mom with all my heart and soul.