Now, I am no great marketing guru or a president of some major advertizing agency, but I found this little news tidbit to be a little outside the box.  I further realize that our society often rewards people who are “right brain” thinkers because they embrace new ideas.  They are future thinkers and enjoy introducing controversial ideas.  They believe that everything is possible, tend to be very creative, and don’t see the pitfalls along the way.  They leave those little details to the left brain thinkers.  So…into the advertizing agency comes all these “right brain thinkers, who decide that they have come up with the means of stopping and hopefully resurging, the slide in sales of parent company, Anheuser Busch.

Now, for those people who may not be aware of beer consumption in this country, Budweiser used to have the top two beers, with Bud and Bud Light and during 1988, the company hit  its peak in sales, at an unbelievable 50 million-barrels a year.  But, in 2011 Coors Light replaced Bud as the No. 2 beer in the country, breaking the grip Anheuser Busch held since 1993.

To combat this, Anheuser Busch has commissioned its canning facility in Newburgh, N.Y., to make Budweiser cans shaped like bow ties to win back some of its lost sales. The cans are crimped in the middle, sold in eight-packs and hold 11.3 ounces of beer compared to the 12 found in regular cans. Always looking on the bright side, Anheuser Busch noted that the missing 0.7 ounces knocks 8.5 calories off the content.

It has also recently introduced “premium” brands like Budweiser Select, Budweiser American Ale, Bud Light Platinum, Budweiser Black Crown and Bud Light Lime margarita flavors.  It also attempted to take over the Mexican-based company Modelo, which produces Corona beer.  This attempt was stopped by the Justice Department and they ultimately lost U.S. distribution of Modelo products.

I guess this is the new thing in advertizing, to combat falling sales, by redesigning the containers that a product comes in.  Another example, is that Miller Lite is introducing a new bottle available only in bars and restaurants starting in May and the Boston Beer Company, which produces Samuel Adams brand beers, will move from the use of only glass bottles to cans, sometime this summer.

You may not see anything wrong with this type of product manipulation, but I sure do.   What an advertizing gem…”our beer now has fewer calories per can.”  Kind of misleading is it not?  I realize that companies have done “things” like this for years to increase their profit margins.  In America, we as consumers have “demanded” from manufactures “to keep products at low-cost.  So, what these companies started to do, back in the 1970’s; was to keep the price the same, but offer an ever-decreasing amount of product.  Everyone remembers reading on the side of snack bags, “this product is packaged by volume.”  The package is half empty because they are giving you less, not because the product somehow compressed into the bottom 1/3 of the bag.  Also, these same companies, if these reductions started to become more apparent to the consumer public, they begin another scheme, of adding “fillers.” Fillers are just what they are called…chemicals or compounds that are adding to a product to increase its overall volume, but does nothing to increase performance or enhance the product.  Why do you think that there are less suds in laundry soap?  Because those companies started adding “fillers” to increase their profit margins and also started advertizing that less suds…made your clothes last longer.  The shame of it all, is we, the buying public, bought it hook, line, and sinker.

We should be demanding more from those companies that produce the products that we as Americans, consume.  Oh, I forgot, almost all these companies are overseas.  Not to improve products, but to keep labor costs ridiculously low, creating ever decreasing quality products, while maximizing profits.  It is these same companies, that are suppost to turn around the economy in the U.S., not very likely and don’t get me started on China.

I will not be surprised when Anheuser Bosch announces, in the future, their new brand of beer called “Red Star” or “Chinabud” or “Ornamental Bud Light.”  Just wait and see.  Remember…buy American, if you can find anything anymore…otherwise salute.