Have you ever had a bad week in which everything around you goes to hell in a handbasket?  Well, welcome to my week from hell and it is only Wednesday.  I believe that there are times when a person should just stay in bed and pull the covers over your head.  I can see why depressed people get depressed or maybe it’s the fact that the groundhog lied about the arrival of spring.  Remember, as of April 2nd, it was supposed to be six more weeks of winter, not twelve or thirteen weeks.  But, here is my “hell” week, so far…

My week started with my 60 inch television, that is in my rec room, and is rarely used, decided to just quit working.  Its long past the warranty period and since we are a throw away society,  guess who gets to eat this issue…me of course.  This is the same TV that I had in storage for 6 months due to the threat of flooding and also, sat unused for almost a year, because I did not have it hooked up right and was too proud to ask someone.  So, out of the three years that I have had this TV…I have used it about half that time.  It’s pretty bad when your grandchildren know more about electronics than you do.  Price tag for new TV, about $ 1700.00

Also, this weekend, we got hit with the biggest blizzard, in history, for this time of year.  How much snow do you think we got? 5 inches…no!  10 inches…no!  15 inches…no!  Officially, the weather service said we got 17.3 inches, but factor in the wind during the blizzard and I got three-foot high snowbanks all over my yard, on the level…and it was not the soft-fluffy kind either.  It was heavy and wet and weighed a ton.  Now you have to understand that, at my age, I do not shovel snow.  No, it is not my heart that I have to worry about…it’s my back that kills me.  But fear not…I have my trusty snow blower.  So, all weekend, during the snow storm, I am out there clearing my driveway.  To hell with the sidewalk, I’ll do that later.  Monday morning comes, and the storm has passed on to the east, so I get out my snow blower and start clearing the driveway.  I get about 90% of my driveway cleared, when my trusty snow blower suddenly quits throwing snow.  As luck would have it, or should I have said, lack of luck, I discovered that my snow blower was no longer trusty at all.  In fact,  I found out that the transmission was shot and I had lost the three highest gears and because the transmission was slipping, it could no longer drive the blades needed to auger the snow.  I finally get my driveway and sidewalks cleared, thanks to my sore back and a kind neighbor and I am feeling good that, at least, that chore is complete.

But alas, it was not to be.  Around suppertime, here comes the city snowplows.  Since there is so much snow everywhere and because it is wet and heavy, they do not use their “snow blades”.  For those who may not know what I am talking about when I use the term “snow blades”, they are small blades that are dropped down at a right angle to the main grading blade.  This is done while the snowplow passes the driveways, thus stopping the snow from rolling into your driveway, as they drive past.  But, as I stated before, they did not use them, so, as they drove by, they left wet, heavy ice chunks completely across my driveway and approximately three feet wide and about four to five feet high.  These ice chunks are approximately, the size of a small cow.  Now, immediately after you turn over wet, heavy snow; it tends to harden like cement.  Even the best snow blower is hard pressed to break it up.  Oh, before I forget…remember my clean sidewalks that my neighbor was so kind to clear.  Well, those rat-bastard snowplow operators, not only piled up snow on my boulevard, but they also covered my sidewalks with about three feet of snow chunks, again the size of a small cattle.  After an hour or so of back-breaking shoveling, I again, have my driveway cleared.  Screw my sidewalks, like my son once told me, “why shovel snow…it will melt in the spring.”  That’s if it ever comes.  Where is my gun, I need to kill me a groundhog.  Price tag for new snow blower, about $ 1200.00 to $ 2400.00

Now, because of the huge amount of snow, most of the streets have huge snowbanks, where you would normally park cars.  So…most of the streets are now down to one lane or a lane and a half, at best but, idiots are still trying to drive two-a-breast down the street.  I take the wife to work, in my four-wheel drive pickup, again because of all the snow.  I then stop at the post office to drop off mail that needs to go out.  As I pull around the corner, after leaving the post office, I attempt to turn my truck, which has a wide turning ratios, onto a one lane width to avoid oncoming traffic.  I mis-judged the frozen, massive snow bank that was jetting out into the street and hit it with the back right quarter-panel of my truck.  Price tag for dent removal, about $ 1000.00

Oh, least I forget…the mail that had to be mailed yesterday, was my state and federal income taxes.  Price tag for not wishing to end up in a Federal Penitentiary, many $1000.00

In fact, after writing this blog…I am so depressed that I think I will just go back to bed.  Just be glad, its only Wednesday morning.