I normally attempt to write about serious social issues, but this news article caught my eye and on further investigation, I was even more enticed, because I also was a correctional officer for close to 30 years (now retired).  But, I digressed, so let’s get back to the story.

A corrections officer, in Seattle, is now facing bigamy charges after his first wife discovered on Facebook , that he had wed his second wife.  The only hangup was that he never divorced his first wife.

Supposedly. the man, Alan L. O’Neill married his first wife in 2001 and walked out on her in 2009. A year later, he changed his name and walked down the aisle again. No, he didn’t renew his vows; he married the “other wife” who was found on Facebook by wife number one.

Reportedly, the “People You May Know” feature on Facebook pointed wife number one to a “potential friend” who turned out to be wife number 2.  After wife one clicked on the image of the suggested person, it led her to a page which contained a photo of the mystery woman (wife number two) standing next to a wedding cake and O’Neill.  Wife number one then got the man (O’Neill) to admit to her that they had never gotten divorced, by playing the concerned individual and suggesting that the idea of getting a divorce, may have slipped his mind.  She then notified the police and he was arrested and charged with bigamy.  He could serve up to a month in jail for his error in judgement.  As for the “other wife” found on Facebook; since their marriage is probably not legal, she may not decide to stick around for better or for worse.

 You can not help but chuckle over some of the stupid things people will do, but this is wrong in so many ways.  The guy just forgot that one little detail…it slipped my mind…I did not think anyone would find out…but I will hookup with a gal that may have been a friend to the first wife.  Just how dumb are you?  I realize that you do not have to be a rocket scientist to work in corrections…but give me a break.  Where is my stamp?
Also, what about wife number one, what?  Are you waiting for your prince charming to come back into your life?  He left in 2009 and you are still married to him?  You do realize that you can file divorce papers also.  No, you are so smart…I’ll wait until he files the paperwork, it’s only been 4 years, that way I do not have to pay for it.  Plus, God forbid that I move on with my life and attempt to find someone else.  Oh, that’s right…I’ll spend the rest of my life …looking for old friends on Facebook.  Where is my stamp?
Postscript:  My comment about correctional officers and rocket scientists are not a true reflection on CO’s, in general, or a gauge of my intelligence level.