Well, I was sure that it was going to happen at some point.  My wife, whose opinion means a lot to me, and I usually agree along similar lines of thought and we rarely are on total opposites, when it comes to our belief systems.  But, yesterday, she posed a very interesting question to me, while we were eating supper.  Her question was, “would you feel different about gun control laws, if  someone in your family was a victim of crime?”

Now, I must explain that I am a big advocate of the second amendment and I am a long-standing gun owner; who feels that we do not need laws that impinge on my “right” to have and obtain weapons.  I grew up with having guns in the house and both my parents, two of my siblings, and I were hunting enthusiasts.  As I grew into adulthood, I enjoyed many different types of hunting, from pheasants and grouse, to ducks and geese, and deer and buffalo.  I am a strong proponent of the use of guns to protect family, property, and self.  After working in corrections for almost 30 years, all I will say is that there are bad people in this world, who, if given the chance, would do major harm to you and your loved ones and not care one iota, afterwards.

My wife, on the other hand, is a pacifist at heart, and hates to see anything or anyone harmed.  Her background is in social work and she is an administrator of a number of social programs.  She tolerates the fact that we have firearms, in our house, but does not really like it.  I did buy her a shotgun once and she has fired it, but I know in my heart that she could not “kill” a bird with it.  So, it sits in the guncase…unused.  But, that’s ok with me and maybe that is one of the reasons I love her, because she understands my passion for hunting and often times, encourages me to “go and have a good time.”  She has always been a very supporting wife and companion and has never opposed any effort on my part, to partake of the “outdoor experience.”

Now, I will attempt to answer the question that my wife put forth by the following statements that I belief in, in addition to some necessary concessions, that I could live with, to appease those people who are victims of gun violence.

1st.  Background checks will not stop criminals or people bent on committing violence, from doing their terrible acts.  This push for “more comprehensive background checks” is simply an appeasement to those poor parents in Newtown and an attempt to win voter approval for those politicians, who are endorsing this idea.  It’s a great idea, but it will not work.  Notice, they do not mention what agency is going to be asked to take on this task, because, if it’s going to be the ATF…their unable to do it now!  Also, how are you going to get medical information on those people who have a mental defect, to prevent them from purchasing a gun, with that information being private.  Did everyone forget about “hippa” rules and regulations.

2nd.  The banning of “high-capacity” chips over 10 shells is also plain ridiculous.  Yes, I could see maybe banning chips holding 20 rounds or more, but there are many firearms manufacturers who created pistols that hold more than 10 rounds.  These pistols were developed, after law enforcement agencies, whose officers were issued revolvers with a capacity of six bullets, complained of being “outgunned” on the streets of our inner-cities, by “punks” with machine pistols and assault weapons.  These pistols were eventually made available to the general gun-buying public and should continue to be available to those people who wish to own them.

3rd.  I believe that most non-gun owners tend to lump all people who have guns into the same category.  The huge difference is the reality that most gun-owners are “law-abiding citizens and would absolutely hate to have to harm another human being.  But, criminals or punks, and nut-cases: have absolutely no regard for any of societies rules and, even go so far, as purposely attempting to violate any rules that “the man” creates.  They actually revile in “getting over on the man.”  As also stated before, they also have no regard for human life, including their own.  Few killers in prison, ever display or feel any remorse over the lives of their victims or their surviving family members.  I have experienced this with my own eyes and listened to them brag about the horrendous things that they have committed, with no human emotion or ownership.

4th.  This will upset some gun advocates, but I do not see the need for anyone in the general public to have the ability to purchase military-grade weapons.  These reality shows that show gun shop and gunsmith employees using military weaponry to blow things up, is just plain sickening and childish.  Its like the difference between using a fishing rod to catch fish, as opposed to using a stick of dynamite; and portrays most gun owners as jerks.  I for one am a very responsible gun-owner.

The final answer to the question is this…I may feel different about it, if one of my family members were a victim of gun violence, but thank God I am not.  Yes, my heart bleeds for any victim and I cried over the senseless loss of live at Columbine, Aurora, and Newtown.  I don’t have all the answers, but bad people will continue to do bad things to good people.  To the countless victims of gun violence, unlike these politicians and TV personalities who only care how they are doing in the polls,  I would say that most law-abiding gun owners feel your anguish and your pain.