The latest news out of Korea, states that North Korea may be setting the stage for a missile test or another provocative act with its warning to the roughly 20 embassies in North Korea, that it soon will be unable to guarantee diplomats’ safety in Pyongyang.  North Korea’s warning last week followed weeks of war threats and other efforts to punish South Korea and the U.S. for ongoing joint military drills, and for their support of U.N. sanctions over Pyongyang’s Feb. 12 nuclear test.  North Korea did, in fact, announced yesterday that they would soon conduct another missile launch test.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged North Korea on Monday not to carry out a new nuclear test, saying it would be a “provocative” act amid soaring tensions.   “I have repeatedly expressed my great concern about the continued inflammatory rhetoric from Pyongyang and making any threat relating to nuclear weapons is not a game.”

The Pentagon has strengthened missile defenses and made other decisions to combat the potential threat.  U.S. Gen. Martin Dempsey, the Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, said Sunday that he doesn’t believe North Korea will engage in military action soon, “but I can’t take the chance that it won’t.”  Dempsey also stated that the U.S. is preparing for further provocations or action.

The South Korean defense minister said Thursday that North Korea had moved a missile with “considerable range” to its east coast, possibly to conduct a test launch. His description suggests that the missile could be the Musudan missile, capable of striking American bases in Guam with its estimated range of up to 2,490 miles.

Citing North Korea’s suggestion that diplomats leave the country, North Korea may be planning a missile launch or another provocation around Wednesday or on one of two nationally important anniversaries — April 15, the birth of North Korean founder Kim Il Sung, and April 25, the creation of the North Korean army.

Washington and Seoul want North Korea to resume the six-party nuclear talks — which also include China, Russia and Japan — that it abandoned in 2009.  North Korea’s clearest objective is to extract concessions from Washington and Seoul.

A lot of news about North Korea’s ongoing threats against the U.S. and its allies in the region has been spun as more sabre rattling, but I say enough is enough.  If you want to play the bully, than be prepared to get your nose bloodied.  We have listened to this type of rhetoric for far too long.  It is time that we make a threat of our own to North Korea.  My response would be, “if you make any further threats against the U. S.  or its allies; or do anything, militarily provocative…this will be considered an act of war against our country and we will obliterate your country period.”

The leaders of North Korea are like a swarm of mosquitoes at a picnic, they will continue to ruin everyone’s day until you swat and kill them all.  Maybe it’s time to do some pre-emptive strikes of our own.