In today’ s news were two articles of interest:  the first news article reported that in some morning poll, 60 % of people, who were polled, were in favor of stricter gun laws including a ban on assault-type weapons and more comprehensive background checks.  The second article of note, reported that the ATF revoked the firearms license of  the Riverview Gun Sales store in East Windsor, Connecticut.

Let’s examine the first item, this recent poll that reportedly declares that a majority of people support tougher gun laws by 60 %.  The problem with most polls is they never release the number of people who were asked to respond to said poll.  We don’t know if it was 6 out of 10, 12 out of 20, or 60,000 out of 100,000 people.  We also do not know how the question was put to the respondents.  Were they simply asked if they favored a ban on assault weapons and wanted more comprehensive background checks?  Or was it put to them like this: If you had a choice, would you rather have a loved-one murdered with a gun or would you want a ban on assault weapons and more comprehensive background checks?

The other issue that I have with this bit of news is the phase “a comprehensive background checks.”  This is nothing more than a buzz word that keeps being mentioned in these types of news stories, but no one, on that side of this debate, can honestly tell you what that means.  It may sound good, but it is like “fairy dust,”  it is supposed to make you feel good…but, it just does not exist.  It will not work people!  What big bureaucratic government agency is going to conduct these so-called, background checks?  the ATF?  They can’t keep up with the backlog they have now.  Do you think the gun store owners are going to do it?  They may be able to fill out a form or make a person have to endure a waiting period, but will that help change anything?  Finally, if it is going to be up to the person buying the weapon…are they going to honestly tell you that they are purchasing this gun to be used to kill other people?  Not likely!   In 30 years of corrections, I never met a felon with a gun, who admitted that he was a felon and usually he got the gun illegally anyway.  Also, if I have a mental defect, am I going to admit it when purchasing a weapon…hell, I don’t think that there is anything “wrong” with me…everyone else is nuts!  What about patient confidentiality,  can you force someone to disclose or release information out to others that this person is mentally unstable?

The second item about the gun store is interesting because this was the store that, years earlier, (10 years) Nancy Lanza reportedly purchased the “Bushmaster” rifle from that was used by her son to kill all those “kids” in Newtown.  Now, the article never tells the reader why the store owners firearms license was revoked, just that it was.  To me, it smacks of “big brother” government, we can’s punish the shooter because he killed himself, and we can’t punish the mother, who purchased it, because her son killed her first, so let’s go after the store owner who sold the gun…we’ll make him accountable!  Now the ATF may come up with “valid” reasons to justify the revocation of the gun owners license, but how many gun stores could stand up to the scrutiny that this store was put under.  Remember, authorities raided this gun store shortly after the shooting event occurred in December.  Just maybe, some pressure, from persons in power, was exerted to close this store and punish its owner

The bottom line is this…bad people will continue to possess guns and use them to kill others.  They will obtain those weapons through whatever means possible, and will do so illegally and will be dishonest when questioned.  Instead of placing a ban on different types of weapons, or conducting worthless background checks, or banning large capacity bullet clips, let’s concentrate on the real cause of “gun violence.”  Let’s ban street gangs in our inner cities, let’s wage a war on the drug cartels by making “drugs” legal, because the so-called “war on drugs” is not working, and let’s put “armed” personnel in our public venues, like you see in most other foreign countries.  (This includes our schools!)

The President can talk “gun control” in Colorado, while murders committed with guns, continue to occur in Chicago.  But, we won’t address that because these are just poor, downtrodden, misunderstood, inner-city youth, who’s behavior is either excused or denied.