I am somewhat surprised by what people can and will do to get other people upset, and what lengths they will go to accomplish their intended message, that they wish to convey.  There is an email circulating through the internet, of a supposed welfare office and it shows sandals and flip-flops lined up in front of windows and people sitting in chairs, supposedly waiting.

The email is entitled, “the Epitome of laziness” and goes on to state “Now,don’t tell me that welfare recipients aren’t innovative!  No reason to stand on your feet waiting to get your welfare check.  Just put you flip-flops next in line and go back and sit on your ass and play games on your iPhone.”  Further down the email, the writer or composer of this email states, “they reproduce and vote too.”

I got this email first, from a sister-in law from Colorado and secondly, from an uncle in Indiana.  Now, I get the implied implication that the writer wishes to convey, but really?

Can you honestly believe anything you read or view, with all the “canned” reality shows on Television today and all the pictures on the internet that have been photo-shopped.  Like the one ad where the lady thinks that everything on the internet is real, including her “french” boyfriend.

Now I do not know if the picture in the email is truly a welfare office or not, but I have my doubts.  This office in the picture could be anywhere and for all we know, it could be at the doctor’s office, or social security office, the DMV, or the post office; no one knows, but the person who took the picture is the only one who knows.  Besides, people on assistance do not pick up welfare checks, never have and never will.  When they were given checks, they were mailed out and now they are issued debit cards and the monies that they receive is electronically added to that debit card every month.  So…no one is waiting in line for “welfare checks.”

Secondly, the message conveyed is that all persons on “welfare” are lazy, over-weight, and have all kinds of money to purchase iPhones.  Most people on welfare probably do not own  iPhones because they can not afford them.  For all we know they could be cell-phones, in the picture, and who doesn’t have a cell-phone?  Before you start to believe all of this, I ask you…where has our compassion for others, gone and why are we as a society , so quick to judge others.  In North Dakota, close to 70% of those on assistance, participate in a work program, so to label them across the board is shameful.  The final comment referring to the fact that they all engage is sex and they vote as if that is a bad thing…the same thing can be said about all you, so-called conservatives who say they are against any government handouts.  Most of you also engage in sex and also vote…so, don’t paint everything with the same broad stroke.

Is everything about “welfare” perfect?  No!  I would be the first person to agree, but if you have never needed any assistance from others, in your lifetime, than you are very fortunate.  All I ask is that we are not so quick to condemn others and get the full picture of things, before you decide or take something at face value.

Truth be told, if you are opposed to people receiving federal assistance than think about the following:  States receive millions of dollars from the government for all kinds of projects, our schools get federal monies, disaster victims get assistance from FEMA ( a federal agency), our local military bases are all funded by Uncle Sam and look at their impact on those local communities; to name just a few.  I also raise the question, did your parents ever help you financially or helped pay for your education?  That is welfare!  Where you were dependent on the generosity of others.