“With all of the important social issues facing our state right now (low-income housing, more affordable child care for working parents, better resources for crime prevention and public health), I am aghast at the time and attention the Legislature is giving to prevent all abortions in the state. There are situations when the mother and her family need to be able to make thoughtful decisions about pregnancy. Our Legislature and governor should not take away the right to make these decisions from North Dakota citizens.”

I greatly appreciated Susan Wefald’s comments about the recent “package” of anti-abortion legislation to come out of North Dakota.  The governor has not signed any of these into law, as of this writing, but is expected to do so, anytime.  Whatever side you are on, this topic is a very contentious issue and people on both sides of this debate, feel very strongly, that their position is the correct one.

I am against this type of legislation, not because I am against abortion, nor, am I, in favor of abortion.  Now, some people will say that you need to be for or against abortion, but I disagree.  My belief is that I am “pro-choice” which means that it is that person’s personnel choice to make, as to whether it is in their best interests, to have the fetus aborted or not.  No one should be able to dictate “your morality” onto others.

This is an example of the type of motivation, in passage, of these bills.  No legislator…should be allowed to write legislation based on your own personal agenda.  You were elected to represent your district and thusly, the voters living in that district.  In answer to the question of morality, I was always taught that my sins and my punishment will be decided by my God, and should not be judged by others.

All of this legislation is aimed at the protection of the fetus, but does not take into any consideration the mental or physical issues of the woman, in question.  It is going to make it impossible for medical doctors to perform any invetro-fertilization because any mistakes that cause any harm to the embryo, could result in criminal charges.  These charges would result in loss of license to practice medicine and…what physician, is going to take that chance.  You have now effectively, denied the only possibility of parenthood to thousands of couples.

This also requires women to carry, to full-term, any fetus created by incest or rape and the resulting emotional trauma that comes with it.  Those women have to live with the emotional destruction of the “act”, plus now she is forced to carry this often, unwanted result, and be continuously reminded for the next 9 months.  If this embryo is allowed to go full-term and is “born”, then the next question, is what about the rights of the “father” of that baby…the piece of crap that did the crime?

There will be numerous legal challenges made against these laws and will result in huge sums of monies being paid out, in an attempt, to justify these laws that run up against established Federal law.

The final result would be the increase in babies born with birth defects and the added burden  on the parents and society.  There is no provision, in these laws, to terminate severely deformed or, at risk, babies.

I believe that these types of choices need to be made by the parents that are affected, not by some Senator’s misguided view of life.  Remember the story of the adulterous woman who by law could have been stoned.  Jesus did not say that the law was wrong, but rather…who are you to judge others.  “Let he who has not “sinned”, cast the first stone.”