We the people of this “once” great country have given up a lot to allow control of our laws, our government, our news, our schools, our homes, our churches, our cities, our states, and our ways of life; to a minority group of people who decide how we are going to conduct our very existence.  We have sat by and through our silence and refusal to object, have given up our ability to fight and demand what is needed in this country to make things right again.

Our laws are being enacted all the time that favor special interest groups over what the majority of people want and need.  For example, big oil companies have been given huge tax incentives on both the federal level and the state level, and I am still paying $ 3.80 per gallon at the pump.  They claim that this is good for the economy, whose economy?  Their’s or mine?  Do you ever question this?  The oil companies are racking in huge profits at the people’s expense, but what do you do about it?  Did you ever stop to think that they were profitable when gas was selling for far less.?

Our government in Washington can not agree on anything and they cannot fix the deficit spending because their heads are so far up their asses that they could not find them using both arms.  The only laws they enact are those laws that benefit (1st) themselves, (2nd) the big corporations that paid big campaign amounts to get them re-elected and thus secure their votes, (3rd) special interest groups, (4th) their respective corrupt and self-centered political parties, (5th) their pork-belly projects back home used to impress the voting public to keep them in office, and (6th) foreign governments.  Do you ever ask where are the America public in all of this and why are we not number one.

Our news used to be presented factually and precisely.  Now, it is a mixture of truth and canned reality, fact and fiction, and news and reality TV.  The political news was heard around election times and special events, now it is all-encompassing and it never stops the mud-slinging.  Our news people are more involved with providing a venue of entertainment and looking fashionable then providing news.

Ponder this.  Our schools have become sites of mass killings and a place where our kids find their only source of entertainment is to bully each  other.  Our kids are so disconnected from the family unit that they talk to parents  through text messages.  The really sad thing is parents do the same thing back.  We have removed prayer from schools and along with prayer has gone the need to have empathy for others.  Maybe the reason there are killings and suicides,in school and among our youth, is because there is no longer a commandment, in school, telling our kids that it is wrong to kill others or ourselves.  Our kids are allowed to slide by academically and we are falling further behind other countries in how we educate our kids.

Our homes used to be controlled and dictated by our parents, who kept us on the straight and narrow, by consequences and physical punishment.  We were taught to respect our country, our elders, people and property, and most of all, ourselves.  If we had issues we sat across from one another and talked about it and our parents always had the final say.  Many parents, today, do not know how to “parent” and would rather be “best buddies” with their kids.  We can no longer allow any of our children to experience failure, so we stopped keeping score and when they fall apart over life’s disappointments…we cannot understand why.  Also, let’s not hold our kids accountable for any wrong doing on their parts.  It is always …not my child.

Even our churches have become places where priests can abuse children and it is covered up.  Where there is dwindling attendance, but they refuse to change, so they can attract them back.  It has also become a public forum for political debate, even to the point of the local bishop video-taping a message, shown in all churches, telling you, who you should vote for in the Presidential Election.  Where is the separation of church and state?

Our cities and states that govern and enact laws only to support their personal agendas and the special interest groups that keep them in office.  They constantly go against the wishes of the majority and pass laws or spend taxpayer’s monies to further their own aims.  The days of elected officials abiding by what the people voice, in elections, are long gone and they will find other ways to circumvent the wishes of their constituents to get their “projects” completed.

So, this is where we find ourselves…most of our goods are made in foreign countries,  our TV shows are full of scripted reality, we are failing our youth, our economy is in the toilet and the “American Dream” has turned into a nightmare.  We, the people of this country need to stop being the “silent majority” and voice our disgust over how things are being done.  We need to demand a change or change the people who we chose to “govern” us.