Today, I wish to depart from my normal complaints about the Federal Government and the mess in Washington D.C. and discuss a local issue in my state. There is a big push by childcare providers in my state to get state government to subsidize the cost of providing daycare both in the rates charged and also so they can hire more qualified help. I find it interesting that when our economy and our level of wages were low in the state, it was the responsibility of the parents to either pay the going rate of daycare or go somewhere else. But, now that our economy is very good and we have a lot higher income averages across the board, than we (the daycares) now need to be subsidized.

Why not just raise your rates. Most of the young couples that I see getting married in today’s society have advanced college degrees and could afford to pay more for daycare. The difference that I see in the young couples of today and the young couples in my day, was that we made economical sacrifices for our children, while young couples today have to have all the extra “toys” also. So, my answer to you is sell your campers, fifth-wheels, snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, wave-runners, jet-skies, and your boats; and pick up your own tab for your children’s daycare. I should not have to support your children…it’s bad enough that I have to pay 68% of my property taxes to pay for your kids in school.

The other issue is what other companies also need addition financial aid, in this economy and where does it stop. Everyone has tightened their belts in recent years. If you are going to subsidize daycare, why not than subsidize our nursing homes in the state. For as long as I have been alive, state politicians have expounded the importance of our state’s youth, but have never done anything economically to encourage them to stay in the state and now again, it is the battle cry from the daycare providers and the politicians…”we must look out for the youth of this state.”