The truth is that America’s growing entitlement programs are wide-spread and affects more people than most realize and most of that, is at the top, economically. This is what is wrong with our leadership in Washington D.C. and in our state legislatures. I think back to all those politicians who were verbally against the federal “bail out” of Wall Street and the Auto Industry and just how much does their state rely on entitlements.

The truth is that nobody wants to give up their stuff. Not our congressional leaders with their pork projects and no term limits, not our corrupt, power-hungry, money grabbing political insiders, not our overcompensated big-company CEOs, and not our overhyped and overpaid political hacks on TV.

So, you want to know what’s fueling our entitlement state? Here’s what I think and see about entitlements:

Politicians getting rich on perks, trading stocks, speaking engagements, consulting, endorsements, investments, and book deals. This does not count all the freebies they get like health insurance and a lucrative retirement. I bet that you did not know that a member of Congress can manipulate stock with insider information, and it is legal, but, if you or I do it, we go to federal prison?

Partisan rhetoric and gridlock. When our leaders in Washington can’t get anything done except divide the nation and point fingers at each other. Or the political “hacks” who only know how to call the other side liars, but they always tell the truth. It’s all BS and anyone with a brain…knows it.

Out of control government spending, across the board. Just like yesterday’s vote to keep funding the defense budget, but kept cuts in programs for the poor stand.

Never let a good crisis go to waste. Both sides use the “gloom and doom” approach to keep us off-balance. It never seems to amaze me that all each side can do is bad mouth the other side, and God forbid, we will not work with them to help this Country out of the disaster, it finds itself in.

There is so much corruption in the entitlement programs..the vast majority goes to people and companies who “cheat” the system. The stories of rich people getting government handouts are always in the news or doctors and hospitals “padding” their patient billings, and I am not talking about Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security.

Out of control executive compensation…executive pay is out of control and lucrative severance packages have destroyed accountability. How many times do you hear of executives who receive a severance package, rather than get fired. The reason is always, “Oh, he might sue us.”

High corporate tax rates and plain greed made US corporations move their companies and their profits offshore. But, the politicians keep saying, these same corporations are needed to create jobs. I wonder where…in Mexico or in China. But, what the hell, Congress says give them more tax breaks and entitlements.

Our financial institutions and Wall Street took big “bail outs” and still operate as they have always done, CEO’s making big salaries and insider traders profiting on stock manipulation, while driving up prices…like the price of gasoline. In my home town, the only new buildings, are banks and savings-in-loans making huge profits, while paying ridiculous interest on “our” money

The issue of illegals who can ‘sneak” into this country and yet, somehow get on government assistance is a crime that our politicians refuse to stop. Again, we see career politicians who worry more about getting re-elected, than stopping the problem.

It’s in our schools and in our society. There are no winners or losers anymore. There are no individuals and no wide-spread competitive spirit to attempt to change it. That takes all the power out of the concept of individual responsibility for our citizens and our political leaders.

The truth is that America’s growing entitlement programs are destroying this country and its people and the only programs that should remain are those that help those people, who rightfully deserve it and those who need it to survive.