North Dakota’s House has killed a bill that would have required parents seeking divorce to enroll in an education program. The measure was defeated 48-45 on Monday. The measure had met stiff opposition from attorneys. Backers say the bill was aimed at helping parents understand their responsibilities before the split is final. The bill initially required parents seeking a divorce to wait at least six months and undergo mandatory counseling.

A similar measure failed in the Legislature two years ago. That bill required a yearlong wait and 10 hour-long counseling sessions before the split was final.

I was glad to see that this bill was defeated, but look at the vote…45 representatives out of 93 or 48 percent thought that this bill was ok to vote, in favor of it. I say to those…are you a complete dumbass or are you just plain stupid. Here we go again, legislation to stop others from doing something that you do not agree with. If any marriage has reached the point that the two sides are considering divorce, than it’s probably already reached the point of no return. Why try to prolong the agony any longer and also possibly endanger the spouse and the children. What about an abusive relationship or a marriage where one has been unfaithful? Oh, its ok to force someone to continue to endure the abuse or the infidelity, while we wait the required 6 months. Just what outcome is this kind of situation going to bring about?

I have just one message to these types of bleeding-heart types of legislation:

1. they are stupid to say the least.
2. who are you to dictate limits on me…this is a free country and I am not your slave.
3. it is a big waste of time, especially when there are far more important issues that need to be dealt with.
4. who made you my moral compass, you arrogant and pompous ass.

The real scary thing is that the same stupid people who keep electing these same representatives to office. Most of our legislators should be in retirement homes rather than introducing stupid legislation on the people of our state. What we need in this state is age limits and term limits.

Instead, we have “welfare” legislators. People who are on the state payrolls for a lifetime and you can not get them off. Your jobs as legislators were never meant to be a lifetime committment. This is what is wrong in this country, both on a national level and a state level. We end up with “career” politicians who worry more about getting re-elected next term, than they do about fixing this country. And the really sad thing, is the “silent majority” of people who allow this to continue. Well,…I am no longer one of the “silent majority” and I challenge others to get involved and start speaking out. We can bring about change, if we continue to spread the news.

Note: My goal is to attempt to blog, at least, 5 days a week about items in the news that I feel needs discussion. So, if you agree, please continue to read my blog and please pass it on to others. Remember, all floods start with a trickle and I hope to be that trickle.