I just read the story of a 12-year-old boy who was bullied and attacked, at school, by two classmates. He had his nose broken and the day after, started to have seizures. The two kids who did the beating were suspended from school for two days. No other penalties have been issued and so far, no criminal charges have been filed. But, no big deal, because they won’t be bullying this boy anymore, because he is dead. He died in the hospital, never regaining consciousness.

There have always been harassment and bullying in schools, as far back as anyone alive can remember and we have even had disagreements and fights between classmates. I myself was a victim of bullying, when I was in grade school and it stopped when I finally stood up to the bully and broke his nose with a well-aimed punch to the middle of his face. The difference was the bullying was not wide-spread, it only occurred during or just after the scheduled school day, and, if it occurred, it was mostly involving males, not the vicious attacks by teen age girls, that we see today.

I grow up fearing what my “old man” would do to me, if I did something wrong in school, and I will tell you, that he never spared the rod. I had a neighbor who would line his 5 kids up in the front yard, from oldest to youngest, ever night, when he got home, and he would give everyone a swat on the butt as he walked down the line. As he did this, he would say to them, “this is for anything that you did wrong today that I know about, or anything that I don’t know about.” I realize that this may seem to many to be too extreme, but we grow up respecting others, respecting other people’s property and rights, were law-abiding, and if we didn’t like someone , we stayed away from them. We did not pick on others because they were different or were handicapped, or had a different skin color, or were fat, or that we were jealous of them.

Many kids of today have grown-up with little or no consequence for their negative behavior. There is little on no parenting going on at home and many parents try to be their kid’s best friend, rather than enforcing positive behavior. Parents can no longer discipline their kids or face penalties and the days of a “swat on the ass” is long gone. The liberals have created this society, by taking away parents right to discipline their kids. We even, have sporting contests where we do not keep score…that way everyone wins. Sorry people wakeup, we have success and failures, winners and losers. Yes, it hurts a kid to be picked last, but it also creates character and gives you strength to go on when the going gets tough.

Our kids are violent and unsympathetic toward others because they have been allowed to behave this way. Also, the bullying in school is relentless, due to cell-phones and social networking…it never stops. It continues day after day, week after week, and month after month. I challenge all parents to step up to the plate, get involved with your children, find out what is occurring while they are at school, monitor what they are saying to each, other while on their cellphones and the internet, and teach them that it is wrong to disrespect people and make them the butt of your jokes.

This comes from my baby sister, who has been a teacher for more than 30 years, “all kids need to be taught to be “heroes” in life. Heroes, are people who stand up for others, who are unable to stand up for themselves. (Thanks sis, you are so right.)