Three states are considering new laws that would force gun owners to buy additional insurance. In North Dakota, negligent gun incidents are already covered under homeowners’ insurance policies.

In New York, California, and Maryland lawmakers are considering bills to require gun owners to have one million dollar policies in liability insurance. Some say these types of laws effectively turn a right into a privilege, because premiums are anticipated to be as high as 2,000 thousand dollars per year. This could triple typical homeowners’ policies. Though these potential changes may be taking place in faraway states, North Dakota could be impacted.

Kent Olson, Professional Insurance Agents of ND, “But a national company, such as State Farm or a national company has to spread that risk. So the risk from California or other states would eventually trend down into North Dakota.”

According to the Legislative Council, they are “not aware of a bill draft relating to, or a study of, liability insurance as a condition of gun ownership” in North Dakota at this time.

All gun owners need to be aware of this coming trend and do everything in their power to stop this infringement on our rights as citizens to own and possess firearms. This legislation does not identify if this is for certain types of weapons or not, but be prepared for the worst. If I must have liability insurance to protect my family, myself, or my property, than beware that I will not ask the intent of someone coming through my front door. I have almost 30 years of handgun experience and training and I was not trained to shoot to kill, but I am trained to shoot at center mass.

If you want to control the use of guns and gun violence, then look at those that criminally possess and use these weapons on others. It is not the homeowner or business owner trying to protect their property or their lives that are the ones to blame, nor is it the hunter, or sportsman, or sportswomen who is out in the field providing food for their families. The criminals will always find a way to obtain guns, if that is what they want. They will buy it off the street or steal it from someone and they will not give a crap about some law about liability insurance.

In 2000, my home was burglarized and a 9mm pistol was stolen along with 3 boxes of ammo. It was in a lock box that the perp broke into using tools from my garage. Fortunately, the perp was caught and arrested later that night. The ATF took possession of the pistol until after the federal trial for possession of a firearm by a felon. So, after the trial, I contacted the region office of the ATF to regain my property. I talked to an ATF agent by phone and I gave him the information on the gun and the serial number and even provided him with the name of the detective from one of our local law enforcement agencies who originally conficated the gun from the burglar.
The ATF agent’s response to me was, “we did not know that it belonged to anyone”. This pistol was legally registered the whole time and no one in the ATF checked the serial number…that’s what is wrong about gun registration. It is only as good as members of our law enforcement are good at doing their jobs.