The dictionary states that Sequester means to remove, lay aside, separate, to take over, confiscate, seize by authority.

Do we need budget reduction…yes, whether you want to believe it or not, we can no longer spend money recklessly for the betterment of others outside our borders.  Yes, Sequester bring it on, because it also means isolate, remove from others.  We need to stand alone as a nation and stop melding in others’ affairs.  We have enough problems of our own to deal with, than to take on others.  At best, we and our neighbor to the north should stand alone to help both nations.

The rebels in Syria do not need our 60 million dollars when we are in deficit spending in this country.  If you do not see how stupid and irresponsible this way of conducting business in our nation’s capital is, than how are we ever going to change.  We need to stop all monies going to aid other countries immediately.  We as individuals have to budget our monthly income and it is pass due for members of Congress and the President to do so, also.

There is a real wave of discontent over the way “Washington” conducts themselves and their downfall is coming.  There are too many people, like myself, who are upset and fed up, and are demanding change.  The days of a Democratic or Republican Parties are over…we must form an “American Party” who’s goals are to make this nation great again and work on the sole aim to improve the well-being of “this” nation…the American nation.  I am not talking the Tea Party either who’s beliefs are grounded in the Republican Party.  I am talking about a total change in how we view a political party.  I demand a political party that puts the interests of this nation as number one.  Not the interests of a few, or the wealthy, or the poor, but as one united nation where all gain or lose as a group.  A nation of united states that get money from Washington that will better the nation, not better that individual state.   We need to get back to the time after 9-11 when patriotism was at a peak in this country, the flag waving; 4th of July fireworks; chest beating, red, white and blue; we stand together against all foes, stance.

We can make this country great again, if we stop the infighting and pure hatred for the other guy because he is different from me, thinks differently, is of a different belief, or is of a different race.  Like it or not, we are a nation of differences, but that does not mean that we can not have a common goal.